Nexus-Europe GmbH: Project Management, Exhibitions, Technology Transfer, Marketing, Statistical Analyses

Entering and rapidly growing in the European markets has never been easier...

The Nexus-Europe mission takes two main directions: The first one is to guide and promote small and medium sized foreign enterprises to enter and rapidly and profitably grow into the European and the Russian markets. The second one: to consult with and guide Government Ministries and Departments worldwide to analyze the needs and behavior of the business and private sectors in order to successfully develop and implement competitive strategies and conditions to attract and beneficially collaborate with both business and private audience.

Finally, everything you need is now found in one place. Nexus, as a holding company, is a network of dynamic subsidiary companies that since 2003 operate daily in this variety of fields in Europe, Russia, and America. Most of the Nexus specialists possess doctorate degrees and have many years of international experience in marketing, business law, psychology, statistics, political science and applied mathematics. Highly qualified international professionals, the combination of outstanding practical business experience and academic backgrounds, and advantageous business and governmental relationships around the world makes Nexus a leader in its professional field.

Our staff of professionals are well known in their fields of work-for all the right reasons. Nexus is the creation of Dr. Svetlana Mamkina and she is the driving force behind it. She has cultivated contacts within the business and government communities that are at the highest levels of power and influence, and established official partnerships and representations throughout Europe and the Americas. Dr. Mamkina received praise and endorsement from the prestigious organization Women in Government. She has participated in numerous international conferences alongside such notable peers as Nobel Prize winners Dr. John Nash and Dr. Robert Aumann. Dr. Mamkina is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). The PMP is the most important, globally-recognized and independently validated credential for project managers. Dr. Mamkina is also certified NLP Master practitioner.

Here is why Nexus is the best choice:

  • Highly skilled professional staff.
  • All projects are managed by Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Nexus is guided by the international standards of the Project Management Institute — Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMI PMBOK®), and the best Project Management experience adjusted to the specifics of local markets, environments and needs of the customers.
  • Nexus shares its unique business and government contacts all over the world for the benefit of their customers.
  • Nexus is the only point of contact necessary to fulfill strategies of expansion, efficiency and service throughout Europe and in Russia. Nexus clients never need to seek services from other sources to reach their goals.
  • Nexus begins with a deep understanding of the overall project concept and client’s needs. Every stage is planned and fulfilled not only to meet a short term goal, but also to work in harmony with later stages to achieve larger and longer term outcomes.
  • Always on time and on budget delivery of projects.
  • More than a decade of successful working experience and more than 5 000 satisfied customers.
  • Nexus considers each company to be unique with a set of specific goals and objectives. Our clients are always invited to work with us to design a package that meets their individual requirements.

Initial consultation is always free of charge to you. We will assess your specific situation and courses of action, then come to you with a proposal of how we can best proceed to make you a market player in these countries.

Contact us today and get your business on the road to Europe: info(at)

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