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For Politicians

  • People remember 10% of what they hear;
  • 20% of what they read; and
  • 80% of what they see.

Political candidates need to create impressions that convey their key campaign messages visually. That is the brand image that they need to convey to voters. That is why it is so important for candidates to define themselves and have a well-established brand in place before election day. Our TV advertisements make a personal connection. It's like our candidates are having a cup of coffee with their neighbors. They are just doing it thousands of neighbors at a time.

The TV advertisement is a strategic tool that complements other traditional elements of the campaign strategy. Here is what modern candidates understand about the power of the TV advertisement to extend political brand:

  • They think of politics in terms of campaigns, which are the confluence of issues, events, values and targeted political activity.
  • They understand that people are interested and motivated by their values and they support and join campaigns in support of those values.
  • People's attraction to a candidate centre around perception of biography, values, issues and affiliation. The campaigns visibly demonstrates values, issue priorities, affiliation and builds biography.
  • Modern candidates promote their brand relentlessly. A candidate in a public setting can present his brand image only that one time. By TV that same image can be presented hundreds or thousands of times. Repetition builds familiarity. Familiarity builds trust.

Visually creating a brand image that conveys to voters that the candidate shares their values and their vision, and that he or she will represent, defend and speak for them is no different than visually creating an atmosphere of drama, suspense, romance or epiphony in a TV program or a movie. Images are carefully crafted and presented in a specific sequence and timing through which the viewer feels the atmosphere. This requires creativity, knowledge and experience - the very attributes that James Hardy has demonstrated in his 25 years as a Los Angeles/Hollywood television producer.

James Hardy is Nexus-Europe's broadcast media partner. He has worked with kings, queens, princes and princesses around the world, as well as Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush and Clinton. Thus, he is well versed in working with and within the margins of the Secret Service and security forces and organizations in other countries to get the filming done on time and on budget while maintaining the comfort level required by government and security officials. James Hardy experience speaks for itself. For that reason Nexus refers with confidence our clients to JH for all of their broadcast media needs. More information can be found here:


Hosting Queen Elizabeth in Washington
Hosting Queen Elizabeth in Washington
Celebrating with President and Mrs. Reagan in New York
Celebrating with President and Mrs. Reagan in New York
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