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Certificate of conformity in Russia (GOST-R) And GOST TR Certificate.

Certificate of conformity to GOST R is a document that confirms that certified products (services) comply with regulatory requirements of Technical Regulations, standards in force and codes, established for given production by effective standards and regulations.

Gost R Certificates of conformity are issued by a certification body accredited in GOST R system (Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology). Certification process for products and services might be obligatory or voluntary. Certification system has been created to protect consumer's rights and avoid import of low quality products. Certification law establishes standards and norms which have to be met to receive GOST-R certificate.

There are regulations identifying which products are subject to obligatory certification and which may possess voluntary certification. Certificate of conformity is necessary if products or services are subject to obligatory certification according to legislation. Voluntary certification is prepared only at the initiative of the manufacturer in order to certify certain properties of the product or to persuade consumers to its high quality.

Gost TR Certificate.

Since 25 September 2010, new regulations came into force on certification equipment, production lines of various kinds, and plants of various kinds. For these types of products the newly created certificate of approval from the technical requirements (GOST TR certificate) should be issued. GOST TR Certificates can be issued for the series production, valid for 5 years.

The order of registration of GOST R certificate of conformity and certificate of Technical Regulations (GOST TR) do not have fundamental differences. Documents differ by form on which certificates are issued.

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