Nexus-Europe GmbH: Project Management, Exhibitions, Technology Transfer, Marketing, Statistical Analyses

Strategic Planning for Russian Market

Development of a marketing strategy for foreign company to get into Russian  market:

  • Consumer Analyses
  • Market Analyses
  • Competition Analyses
  • Distribution Channels
  • Strategy and marketing plan (global plan for 3 years, detailed for the first 6 months)
  • Supervision of the implementation of the new stratagy.

Due to the fact that all strategies are subject to future modification because internal and external factors are constantly changing consultants of Nexus-Europe GmbH can provide following up services by helping to evaluate and control fulfillment of the strategic plan and in case of the need to correct the action . The fundamental strategy evaluation and control activities are: reviewing internal and external factors that are the bases for current strategies, measuring performance, and taking corrective actions.



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