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Exclusive NEXUS International Association (NIA) now accepting qualified members.

Nexus International Association (NIA) is an exclusive membership of significant companies from many fields whose purpose is to expand into the growing Russian market. Nexus-Europe GmbH is the driving force behind NIA and has extensive government and business contacts in a wide variety of business and manufacturing fields including oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, medical, construction, agricultural and heavy equipment to name just a few. NIA is Mamkina's creation and she is the driving force behind it. Already she has received praise and endorsements from former U.S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and from the prestigious organization Women In Government.

We are motivated by results. Therefore, membership is limited because not all companies have the potential to succeed in Russia. Companies accepted as members will benefit from our staff's professional experience and knowledge, from member discounts and our exclusive government and business contacts - advantages that make the impossible become possible.

Members receive a FREE consultation with Nexus to identify objectives and their place in Russia as well as a Nexus recommended course of progressive services, which the member can choose to find themselves from outside sources, or which Nexus can provide directly at member discount prices:

  • Market Research, Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Implementation and Adjustment
  • Distribution Networks in Russia
  • Certification, Approvals and Permits in Russia
  • Consulting and Assistance in Negotiating with Government Officials and Potential Partners
  • Professional Legal, Accounting and Tax Advice
  • Participation at Industrial Conferences & Forums
  • Group Pavilion at Exhibitions
  • Individualized Exhibition Preparation
  • Professional Quality Interpreting and Translation Services
  • Secretarial Service: Correspondence - Telephone Service in Russian and Member's Language
  • Executive Charter Flights

Nexus International Association membership is exclusive and prestigious, and provides many advantages to its member companies. However, companies not qualifying for membership, or not desiring to become a member, still have the option to access many of the services of Nexus-Europe at full price.

Membership space is limited, so make your application for NIA now. For a limited time, two-year membership is only 395 Euro.

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