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Certification in Russia

Most goods imported to Russia are required to get either Gost R Certificate of Conformity, Certificate of Conformity for Technical Regulation (GOST TR Certificate), or Products Registration to adhere to Russian standards, norms and rules.

The certificate of conformity have to be produced, at least, in the following three cases:

  1. to Russian customs when goods are imported into Russia.
  2. to Russian authorities when goods (whole- or retail-sale) are sold in the Russian market.
  3. to Russian authorities when a product comes to use in Russia.

The certificate of conformity ensures the product's characteristics adhere to safety requirements. Variety of the requirements arises from the existence of different sources of danger: general, hygienic and fire requirements; requirements to the medical production and building materials; radiofrequency, electrical and industrial safety requirements, etc.

Nexus-Europe offers:


Our associate specializes in making certification for our clients, and has done so for such well known companies as General Motors, General Electric, Pirelli, Adidas, Toshiba, Siemens and many others.

All certificates of conformity Gost R, GOST TR certificates, sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, refusal letters, and registration certificates of medical products and biologically active supplements are valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation no matter where they are issued, or where the firm is legally or physically located, and no matter what part of the Russian Federation the document is available.

We shall quickly issue certificates to meet customer demand. Our scope of accreditation covers a wide range of products, equipment and materials. Quality of our service is provided by many years of experience in this field and a high level of competence of the experts involved in the certification process.

Finally, after application to Nexus-Europe GmbH you will have all necessary and sufficient documents for legalization of your goods in the Russian market.


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