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Distributors/Partners Search

Nexus uses its unique contacts and experience to establish distribution networks throughout Russia helping foreign companies to enter and compete in the Russian market. Assistance in partner search can be divided into several stages. The customer can define the stage when the assistance of the consultant is not needed anymore, and starting from which he will act independently. Possible stages of partner search activities:

  • Identification major brands and trademarks presented on the market - Russian and foreign companies. Short scan or detailed marketing research.
  • Together with customer input, identify the customer's requirements for their potential distributors/partners.
  • Using Nexus-Europe contacts, experience and marketing instruments, locate the companies-distributors which fit the specified requirements.
  • Contact the companies-distributors to obtain full contact data and, if applicable, the interested person who is making the decisions.
  • Introduce customer's company and make initial steps for negotiation (email AND phone).
  • Provide to customer the filled form with all contact details, information about the companies, and the outcome of negotiations.

Based upon the obtained information and results the customer will receive an estimation of the situation and, if required, a trade mission or presentation will be arranged. Customers not having a Russian speaking staff will be offered the opportunity to communicate and keep correspondence via the Russian office of Nexus, and to consult with this staff. This is much less expensive for companies than keeping their own Russian speaking staff. Full assistance can be provided to companies during negotiations to help to making the best deals, or just to give advice when it will be required.

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