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Nexus-Europe Pavilion

At selected exhibitions Nexus-Europe operates its own  pavilion for its customers, providing a level of service they have never experienced before. Prior to the exhibit we identify the companies, individuals, and distributors that will benefit from the products and services that you have to offer. We contact these people with the important information they need to know about what your products and services are, when you will be at exhibition, and where you will be located. In our experience it is never a good plan to hope potential customers will know who you are, where you are, and what you do. Always better to show them what they need to know first, and give them an opportunity to act upon this knowledge.

If you choose, our staff of professionals will schedule meetings with you and interested buyers or distributors. We lay the foundation, make the contacts, and arrange the meetings to fit the schedules of both parties. Thus you have the comfort of knowing before you leave home that you are going to have contacts with potential partners who have already shown an interest in your products or services. The Nexus-Europe Pavilion even provides meeting space where you can meet and discuss business opportunities away from the activity and distractions of your stand.

The Nexus-Europe Pavilion organizes our customers together into a single location that is convenient to access points and central to the services that Nexus-Europe provides. From providing the space for your exhibit; to the construction and decoration of your stand; to power supply for lights and equipment; to language fluent professional translators and representatives who can take care of your booth, be technical translators, register the customers, and generally be your private assistant in the booth; to a representative between our customers and the exhibit hall staff; to internet access and refreshment service. If there is something we don't provide, well, you probably don't need it.

Now exhibit visitors who want to see what innovation and technology is available to them can quickly and easily discover all they are looking for in one easy to find place. In the past, exhibitors were scattered around the halls like seashells on the beach. Visitors had to decipher difficult to read exhibit maps to hopefully find the locations of the different companies they wanted to visit. For many it seemed simpler to find the treasures of King Tut in the Egyptian desert. Not any more. If a visitor can look up and see the ceiling, then he or she can find the Nexus-Europe Pavilion. We have nothing to hide. This represents increased foot traffic for all of our customers. More visitors equals more sales opportunities.

Additionally, Nexus-Europe has a staff of prominent professionals that can offer Marketing, Statistical, and Strategy Analyses customized to the markets you are focusing on, to give you the fullest advantage of creating new business opportunities in the world's newest emerging business markets. We have more Doctors than the hospital where your kids were born. Let our brains work for you.

The idea of an exhibition pavilion is not new. In the past others have done it many ways in many places. Now it is done right.

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