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Post-Exhibition Services

Once the exhibition closes you will have made numerous contacts. But the language and cultural barriers will still be an obstacle to taking the next step. Many businesses prefer to work through a local contact person who speaks the language.

We offer a variety of services to create the relationships that will serve you best, all based on the research that we do specific to the customer contacts you want to develop.

  1. Translation of business correspondence

    • you can easily forward to us the letters and allow us to take care of translating your correspondence. We will return your translated letters within one day. Our fee is conveniently accrued per 1 kb, allowing you to control your account easily by sending to us only the text that you want to be translated.

  2. Translation of business documents

  3. Direct marketing

    • creating a database of your customer list
    • creating a Russian mock-up based on the text of the customers
    • contacting customers on your behalf (fax, email, regular mail)

    As our client you will get a full list of the companies, contact information, results of our contacts with them, and assistance in negotiations when you want to further explore a potential cooperation.

  4. Marketing research

  5. Organizing business trips for you

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