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Translation and Interpreting to/from Russian

Due to the fact that we have offices both in Germany and in Russia, only professional translators whose native language is Russian perform translation into Russian language. They live in-country and will only translate materials they have proven experience translating. You can make the arrangement via our EU company, which is located in Germany, and get the services of the native speakers at the fraction of the cost, avoiding all unnecessary complications and expenses. We only employ professional specialized translators and specialist interpreters.

We offer:

  • Professional translations
  • Professional interpreting
  • Foreign language correspondence
  • Website translations
  • Phone calls in foreign languages
  • Simultaneous interpretation facilities

Having the staff in both countries allows us to save you at minimum 50% of your money compared to the prices of any other EU company, and get professional and customer oriented services.

  • We stick to our promises
  • You only pay the price on our quote...never more
  • We're honest and open with our customers
  • We don't cut corners, every project gets our total attention
  • We think how to minimise your expenses and keep the premium quality
  • We speak the language of experience
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