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Dominate the European Market
with Nexus-Europe GmbH

Triumph in the European Market!

Enter the German and the European markets relying on genius combat strategies. You win because we use the same approaches that great commanders did:

  • Global winning campaign — not focusing on single “battles”.

  • Fighting for your interests, even when others have given up.

  • Boosting the impact using modern tools. Projects run by certified PMP according to the international PMBOK PMI® standards for planning, execution, controlling and risk management.

  • “Flank” support — cooperation with governmental organizations.


Possibility to start a business even without your personal arrival in Germany.

✓7000 Clients   ✓83 Countries  ✓Experts with PMP certificates

Contact us to win when launching a business in German:  info@nexus-gmbh.biz

One-stop solution

  • You get all services in one place. Developing a strategy, Company formation in Germany and fully Launching your business. Legal, tax and marketing support, Project Management from top specialists.

  • We help to get support from government institutions and even make you a true member of the German community.

  • Realization of project of any scale — from launching a shop to opening a representative office or building a manufacture.

  • Support in different German regions regardless of your geographic coverage. We work with many German regions. Berlin, Hamburg and even small German cities.

  • Our own unique 5-step Nexus Smart Immigrate technology for business immigration. Documents preparation for getting the residence permit passes 5 stages. The program was developed by German lawyers and economists with the support of competent authorities. Based on our own experience of running a business and getting the German citizenship.

  • Marketing and strategical support. Developing and implementing marketing events – from organizing a trade fair participation to launching a promo campaign.

  • In 9 out of 10 cases we can implement projects even without your personal visit to Germany. We use the advantages of international project management standards to launch projects remotely.

Tremendous exclusive opportunities for those we work with

Whom we help:

  • Your project corresponds to all German legal norms.

  • Your goal is business, and not just getting the German citizenship.

  • Your business idea has a chance to be realized.

  • You are ready to listen to our suggestions.

  • You are ready to accept the rules of the German business environment.

Your interests are protected

  • We fight for you until you win, no matter how hard it is. We develop detailed plans of actions. Think through the chain of actions that leads you to your goal step by step.

  • Because of our close work with government institutions you get additional opportunities. Knowledge of all aspects of work of the state machine with entrepreneurs works for you. We specialize specifically in foreign companies.

  • Risk minimization, bringing your project to implementation at all stages. We carry it out according to the highest project management standards PMBOK PMI® under the guidance of Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

  • We constantly check and optimize the initially chosen strategy. Double control the project execution. Monitor risks and make adjustments to our steps.

  • Knowledge and contacts are always relevant and work in your favor. What makes us different? Continuous improvement of skills. Participation in significant networking events where ministers, senators and even presidents are frequent guests. Speaking at prestigious economic events side by side with Nobel Prize winners.

Powerful impact on the market

  • Thorough analysis of the situation from all sides: assessment of opportunities, strengths and weaknesses and possible risks. Our marketing specialists develop a strategy that makes you stand out among your competitors.

  • Project implementation according to international standards. At your disposal are Project Management Professionals (PMPs) with many years of experience. All stages of the project are implemented on time and with high efficiency.

  • At the core of your project is a strong scientific base. Nexus CEO Dr. Mamkina is a holder of a PhD in Game Theory. Game Theory is fundamental for economic decisions in times of instability. Dr. Mamkina graduated from the same university as 2 presidents and 5 Nobel laureates. Dr. Mamkina’s leadership skills and business ethics were highly praised by the top-level administration of American President G. Bush.

  • Nobel breakthrough strategy based on the unique author Nexus Dominate technology. It’s focused on the maximum efficiency of all actions. It was developed specifically for foreigners entering the German market.

  • Strong team. Our experts have an exceptional work experience with foreign entrepreneurs. Many of the specialists have a Doctor’s degree in economics, commercial law, psychology, applied mathematics. They have been selected throughout the whole Europe to make you a victor.

Opportunity to become a part of the German business community

  • Opportunity to become a part of the circle of successful German entrepreneurs. Integration with the strong market players opens new prospects for you. Over many years we gathered around Nexus leading experts in different fields. Established close work relationship with business associations and government organisations. They are ready to help you to become a true part of the German business society.

  • Opportunity to get government support. Your project is beneficial for the region? We assist with participation in government programs, incentives, financing, technology transfer. You get a real chance to get the green light and minimize the expenses.

Special anti-crisis strategy — mathematical approach

  • Maximum efficiency in tough crisis times. Dr. Mamkina defended her thesis on Game Theory and uses this knowledge when managing the projects. In the situation of uncertainty Game Theory in combination with strategical thinking is the key to developing new opportunities and finding optimal solutions. Even 12 leading economists have received the Nobel Prize for their significant contributions to Game Theory.

  • Your project is under personal control of Dr. Mamkina. She possesses expertise in over 47 bodies of knowledge; has a Master’s degree in economics and a Doctor’s degree in mathematics.

  • Game Theory at the core of the business development model in the period of crisis makes it possible to reduce risks and save up to 100 000 euros only on the implementation of the project.

  • Current situation is under control. For example, we help British entrepreneurs who are interested in having a business in Germany to mitigate the losses from exiting the EU. For this, we developed the special Nexus Brexit solution.

Almost 20 years of work — more than 7000 clients from 83 countries

  • Combat strategies for entering the market — thought through analytics and powerful impact.

  • Game theory at the core of effective implementation — developing winning strategies.

  • Risk minimization at all stages — international PMBOK PMI standards.

  • Unique technologies of getting the residence permit and business protection.

  • Deep scientific knowledge — participation in events side by side with Nobel laureates.

  • Specializing in foreign customers — we know all nuances of entering the German market as a foreigner.

Contact us to win when launching a business in Germany

Email us: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

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