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Dominate the European Market
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Triumph in the European Market!

Eager to enter into the European and Russian market? Struggling to grow an existing business? Tired of failures of marketing and political campaigns? Look closely at our company Nexus-Europe GmbH. Here is why we are different from other companies:

1) 47 efficient solutions for expansion in 5+1 countries. The only point of contact

With us you are developing in 6 leading European markets: Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland plus Russia. 47 Nexus-made mechanisms of conquering the European and Russian markets give a tremendous advantage over the competitors, even to companies with a limited budget.

Nexus, as a holding company, operates in Europe, Russia and America since 2003. Over 300 outstanding specialists from all over the world are working for you. The project coordination is centralized through the head office in Germany.  Each action is supervised by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP).  This means that you need only one point of contact to always keep track of your project.

Here are examples of some of our services:

Small and medium-sized enterprises profit from our: Strategic planning and implementation to dominate the European and Russian markets; Company formation and extending distribution networks; German residence permit and business immigration to Germany; Exhibitions services; Consulting and assistance in negotiating with Government officials; Project Management.

Ministries and Government organizations benefit from our Research and Planning services. We provide comprehensive marketing and strategic solutions that widely cover economic and behavioral aspects of the target audience. To achieve that we apply the most innovative technologies in economics, statistics, applied psychology, NLP and Project Management. Who else does all of this?

Please have a look at our full organized spectrum of services as well as information about our specialists.

2) Outstanding Staff who leaves your competitors miles behind

Experienced marketing experts see the perspective. Project managers solve any problems before they arise. Lawyers aim their stroke in order to eliminate the causes and not only the consequences. You hit the target perfectly, saving maximum time and money. No down time or senseless investments.

Each and every one of Nexus' specialists has outstanding international business experience and academic background. Most of them possess doctorate degrees in marketing, business law, psychology, statistics, political science and applied mathematics. The team works to achieve your goals like the well-oiled mechanism of a Swiss watch.

No stone axes in the nanotechnology era. Nexus professionals are always in the process of perfecting their skills and knowledge, and participating in numerous international conferences alongside such notable peers as Nobel Prize winners. We take an active part in economic events with prominent figures on the political stage where ministers, senators and presidents are frequent guests. Our knowledge and connections are always up-to-date and work in your favor.

Nexus is the creation of Dr. Svetlana Mamkina and she is the driving force behind it. She has cultivated contacts within the business and government communities that are at the highest levels of power and influence. She established official partnerships and representations throughout Europe and the Americas. Dr. Mamkina received praise and endorsement from the prestigious organization Women in Government. Dr. Mamkina’s leadership skills and business ethics were highly praised by the top-level administration of American President G. Bush. Please read about our staff here.

3) Are you certain what today's decision will cost you tomorrow?

Have you ever made a decision that later on resulted in a total crash of your expectations? Even the most experienced leaders make decisions that turn out to be a failure. 

As early as 1976 a Kodak worker invented the world’s first digital camera. The corporation decided not to rush the release of consumer models. As a result, they lost a remarkably big part of the digital camera market. Later, the producer tried to make up for the lost profit, but it was too late. In 2012 Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

Losses of millions and even bankruptcy are common results when companies make short-term decisions with no long-term strategies. Nexus’ clients always get decisions that are optimal not only today, but make you the winner in the long run.

To accomplish this we identify your global goals. We thoroughly analyze the situation from all angles: estimating the possibilities, your strong and weak points and possible risks. Our prime marketing experts and business consultants develop a strategy and distinguish you from your competitors. Project Management Professionals with many years of experience behind them bring the strategy together. We carry out double supervision of the project execution, monitor the risks and make adjustments. Thus, the strategy always stays optimized. Because of this you are protected from unpleasant surprises.

This approach is what completely distinguishes us from consulting and law firms. With us you are thinking not in terms of single battles but the campaign as a whole. This is how the mighty Alexander the Great achieved his brilliant victories. And this is how you conquer and dominate new markets with us. There is a good reason why Nexus’ CEO Dr. Mamkina earned her PhD in Game Theory and graduated from the same university as two Russian presidents, Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin. Dr. Mamkina's vision is highly marked by American and European governments at top levels.

4) Quality guarantee and compliance with international standards

All projects are guided by Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). This guarantees an accurate and effective execution of projects of any difficulty: from constructing a mini-factory to building a powerful marketing campaign with 900 workers. Expertise in over 47 knowledge areas, continuing education in the field of modern standards of project management PMI PMBOK®, ongoing practical work experience in project management, and strict compliance with the PMI ethics guidelines guarantee efficiency and security to the clients. This is what distinguishes PMPs from regular project managers.

During the 15 years of the company’s operation over 7000 clients have chosen to work with us and have come back to us year after year. Our customers include Chambers of Commerce, exhibition organizers, commercial companies of all sizes, Ministries, and trade associations. Our commitment to the quality of service has earned us the support of European and American governments. Some of our customers can be seen here.

5) Why our prices are beneficial

We work efficiently and with no down time. The tasks of each team member are assigned at the project planning stage. Everyone does their job to exact specifications. Upon completion of each step the project proceeds to the next stage straight away. Without wasting the resources. That is why our prices are affordable for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

For example, a company formation in Germany goes through several stages: Determine your goals and requirements Develop a project plan Appoint specialists who will be in charge of each stage of the project as well as a project manager Prepare all the required documents Arrange the time of your arrival Coordinate meetings with the notary, the bank, and the business center During your visit we notarize the documents, set up the bank account, and sign the lease agreement. Your personal attendance is required for just 2 days. The working time of the specialists is optimized. You save your time and are protected from bureaucratic delays.

You are protected from senseless investments in projects that would only bring you losses and disappointments. Why participate in an exhibition that would never pay off? Why set up an office in Europe if there is no demand for the product? Before executing the project we analyze your situation and choose an optimal solution. At just the planning stage our customers already save up to 49% of their budget. Options that would be unprofitable are cast out. Instead of them you get solutions that give you the maximum return on investment.

Let your competitors pay the lawyers and economists 350 Euros per hour. In return they will get tons of information that can be found in books or on the internet. Our prices are always transparent and discussed with you before we take on the project. You clearly understand what each of the steps means. With us, you win and hold your position just like the greatest of kings did.

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