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International Business Development

Your Gateway to Success in International Markets

Everything you need to develop a business internationally is finely found in one place. Let our expertise and experience put you on the road to success.

✓20 years of experience  ✓7000 Clients 

Our company provides result-driven solutions:

  • For individuals and businesses to launch a successful business in Germany and move to Germany

  • For European companies to succeed in foreign markets, cut productions costs, prevent supply chain disruption or get product sourcing from all around the globe.

  • For government agencies to practically support direct investments from abroad, get access to new markets and achieve KPI.

Contact us for an individual solution: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

Your benefits

  • Result-driven solutions — No abstract advice but planning, development and implementation of projects.

  • Strategic approach — Our works are presented side by side with Nobel Prize winners.

  • We prevent losses for our clients because we act right here and right now. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) help fulfill the strategy without wasting your time and money.

  • Decades of work experience with foreign countries. You get a smooth integration of your business into the local culture. Our international project team and subject matter experts have years of practical work experience with foreign countries. We do understand the mentalities, local cultures and how the state machines work.

  • Smooth entryWe cooperate with government structures of many countries on different levels. Because of it you get extensive support on all stages of the project.

Watch our video to see how we bring you to success:

Examples of what we do

For foreign businesses and individuals who are eager to start a business in Germany

Launching a successful business in Germany of any scale: company formation in Germany, opening a trade company, productions under private label or building manufactures to name just a few. Obtaining residence permits because of business. See detailed information in the "German market" section.

For German and other countries who are willing to benefit from non-EU markets

Developing and implementing effective product sourcing strategies, production under private label in non-EU countries or planning, implementing an own production, including negotiations with government authorities  and skilled workers sourcing.

See detailed information in the "For EU clients" section.

For government and private agencies and associations worldwide

We help to be better providers locally or to explore new opportunities and territories. Organizing solution-driven trade missions abroad, supporting direct investment with practical implementation and local businesses abroad.

Contact us for an individual solution


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