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California Green EMT (Exhibition-Matchmaking-Tours)

5-9 of November 2013

Nexus-Europe GmbH invites you to participate in this extraordinary Green Sector Interactive Event, California Green EMT, for global producers in the field of renewable energy, alternative fuels and transportation, water saving and clean water technologies, energy saving technologies, and environmental and pollution reducing technologies. EMT (Expo, Matchmaking, Tours) is the first Interactive Event to offer such a unique program of promotion, education, and access to key figures in the field. EMT (Expo, Matchmaking, Tours) combines the best elements of exhibitions, symposiums, matchmaking sessions, factory tours, and communication with key players and government decision makers in formal and informal environments. If you attend just one event or exhibition this year, this is the one to choose. Here's what makes this event so special:

  • California has long been the world leader in creating and using green sector technologies, and Southern California, because of its unique weather patterns, is its heart and soul. Los Angeles is your destination for this Interactive Event.
  • It is there that you will meet and have dialogue with key political and government figures that are committed to making California the model example of a "green" society.
  • It is there that you will present your company's product line to your peers and to exclusively invited distributors.
  • It is there that you will meet, present your product line, and have direct dialogue with these distributors and key market players that are looking to buy your products, your technologies and your ideas to further build this ideal now and in the future.
  • It is from Los Angeles that you will have the unique opportunity to visit and tour government green sector facilities and to directly communicate with the engineering personnel most familiar with the operation and technology of these facilities. These facilities have never been opened to outside visitors before. The educational value of these visits cannot be overstated. The information that you receive will benefit your company's ideological and technological vision not only now but in the future, not only for California buyers but for buyers worldwide.
  • It is there where potential investors will learn directly from government officials about the benefits and advantages of Southern California as a location for renewable energy business and production

This is not an event of endless speeches and presentations. This is an interactive event that puts direct communication and first-hand experience in top position. It is the first of its kind and because of its unique access opportunities and program of events participation space is limited.  Places are limited so please register early!


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