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Who makes you a victor

Dr. Svetlana Mamkina

CEO and the driving force behind Nexus-Europe GmbH

2005 — Doctor’s degree in Mathematics. Dr. Mamkina defended a dissertation in the area of game theory. Participated in scientific conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureates Dr. John Nash and Dr. Robert Aumann. Yes, that’s right, the John Nash that the famous movie “A Beautiful Mind” was based on. This is why our clients get “beautiful” solutions and leave their competitors miles behind.

2002 — Graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Department of Applied Mathematics. This university is also called the Harvard of Russia. Two presidents, Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev, and 5 Nobel laureates have graduated from the same university and become world leaders. No wonder that many companies prefer conquering new markets playing on our side.

2003 — Master of Economics. Combined with the powerful mathematical foundation, it allows us to develop and implement strategic solutions for our clients that even Napoleon would envy.

Virtuoso in 47 bodies of knowledge and spotless ethics

Dr. Mamkina received praise and endorsement from the prestigious organization Women in Government. Dr. Mamkina’s leadership skills and business ethics were highly praised by the top-level administration of American president G. Bush. The works of Dr. Mamkina were presented at conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureates Dr. John Nash and Dr. Robert Aumann.

Dr. Mamkina’s prestigious PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate guarantees an accurate and effective execution of projects of any difficulty: from constructing a mini-factory to building a powerful marketing campaign with 900 workers. Expertise in over 47 knowledge areas, continuing education in the field of modern standards of project management PMI PMBOK®, ongoing practical work experience in project management, and strict compliance with the PMI ethics guidelines guarantee efficiency and reliability to the clients. This is what distinguishes PMPs from regular project managers. The validity of the certificate can be checked on PMI’s official website. Certificate number is 1395194.

Do you believe that it is possible to lead a team to success without a deep understanding of psychology?

All prominent world leaders are outstanding strategists and genius psychologists. Dr. Mamkina regularly upgrades her qualifications, completing applied psychology trainings held by world class practitioners. Dr. Mamkina is a certified master practitioner of NLP. Modern NLP technologies are irreplaceable during all stages of the project: for better understanding the client’s needs, analyzing the competitors’ weak points, and during negotiations. This puts Nexus’ clients a head above their competitors. This gives them control even over the most complicated situations.

NLP is a powerful mechanism in forming a project team and effective project management. With NLP techniques employees’ skills are detected and developed 7 times faster than without. A team spirit is created that breaks all barriers on the road to effective achievement of the client’s goals.

Dr. Mamkina regularly participates in economic events with prominent figures of the economic arena where ministers, senators and presidents are frequent guests. She successfully completed training in Ericksonian hypnosis, studied classical and applied psychology, and constantly improves her knowledge of economics, marketing and psychology. Thus Nexus’ clients get full control over their competitors and unreliable suppliers.

Dr. Mamkina possesses the knowledge of facial microexpression recognition techniques. Her knowledge is verified by the Expert level certificate of Dr. Ekmann. Microexpression recognition techniques make it possible to determine involuntary emotions that a person tries to hide or suppress. That is why the technique is widely used by successful businessmen, corporations such as Apple and Pixar.

The methodology founder is Dr. Ekmann who was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time Magazine in 2009. In 2014 he ranked 15th amongst the most influential psychologists of the 21st century.

Profile of our specialists

Each and every one of Nexus' specialists has an outstanding international business experience and academic background. Most possess doctorate degrees in marketing, business law, psychology, statistics, political science and applied mathematics. The team works to achieve your goals like the well-oiled mechanism of a Swiss watch. Our experts have executed projects for such companies as Siemens, Bosch, Coca-Cola, for Chambers of Commerce and ministries of the USA and Europe, as well as for top-level politicians.

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