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What German city you should choose for an import-export business

Planning a trade business in Europe? Not sure which German city to open the company in? Take a closer look at Hamburg!

7 reasons why Hamburg is the perfect choice for an import-export company:

1. The second most populated city in Germany.

Hamburg has a population of 1.8 million people. A larger population is only in Berlin. Opening a business in Hamburg, you get all the advantages of a big city: a huge trade market, excellent pool of potential employees, access to administrative structures. Even Berlin is less than 2 hours away by train.

As a comparison, the population of Frankfurt am Main is only 748 000 people. This is almost 2.5 times less than in Hamburg!

2. The highest purchasing power in Germany.

According to the GfK statistics, Hamburg’s purchasing power is 25 242 euros. It is the highest rate in Germany, which is almost 10% higher than the national average. The higher the purchasing power is, the more imported products can be bought with the same groundwork.

3. "Gateway to the World".

The Port of Hamburg is the biggest container port in Germany and the third biggest in Europe. 4 modern container terminals receive more than 2000 cargo ships per week. The total turnover of the sea cargo transportation of the Port of Hamburg is 135.1 million tons (8.7 million standard containers — TEU). Hamburg accounts for about 75% of the total import and export of goods of the country. That is why you can receive cargos almost from all over the world the most cost effective way — by sea directly in Hamburg.

4. Modern Cargo Center in Hamburg Airport.

Cargo Logistic was built in 2016. Its capacity is about 150 000 tons of cargo per year. The construction cost was about 50 million euros. The center operates with the most modern technologies. That’s why you get reliable arrival and departure of your cargo with enhanced level of security.

5. Advanced infrastructure of railways and highways.

Hamburg is one of the central railway junctions in Europe. Hamburg is connected to a network of national river routes through the Elbe River and its adjacent canals. Highways from the port of Hamburg connect leading European cities such as Berlin, Bremen and Copenhagen. Send cargos to most of the European cities without delays!

6. Over 7500 logistics and transport companies.

You can easily find an optimal solution for transporting, storing and promoting goods all over Germany.

7. A city that is really open to foreigners.

In the streets of Hamburg you will hear people talking the most diverse languages of the world. Germany attracts over 1.4 million tourists a year because it is considered one of the safest countries in the world. At the same time, Hamburg is often called the most English city in Germany: you can communicate in the streets, in a restaurant or in a store, even without speaking the German language. Many international Hamburg companies are switching to English as a corporate language. Therefore, foreign entrepreneurs feel at home in Hamburg.

6 undeniable reasons why a company in Hamburg should be opened with Nexus

1. Team of premium class specialists.

Only Nexus-approved experts work on your projects. The team of experts has been put together bit by bit from all over Germany during 11 years. Dr. Mamkina personally headhunted lawyers, economists, executives like a dedicated collector hunts for precious exhibits. Dr. Mamkina’s works were presented at conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureate John Nash and Dr. Aumann. Therefore, our clients receive proven solutions from the best of the best specialists throughout Germany.


2. Risk minimization.

During 17 years of work Nexus has served clients from almost all over of the world: from Russia to Dubai. We know the traps that foreign entrepreneurs face. Based on the lessons learned, we have developed backup plans. We successfully registered companies, even when opening a bank account in Germany seemed impossible.

3. Without nerve-racking and additional effort from you.

Whom do you think the controlling authorities will pay a visit if you submit the completed forms yourself? On average, only in the process of getting the VAT number a foreign entrepreneur is contacted about 5 times by the tax authorities. That is why our experts prepare all the documents and apply for company formation in Germany, tax and VAT numbers by themselves. The communication with the register courts and tax authorities is our task. This significantly distinguishes us from most providers who simply “coordinate” and fill out documents on behalf of customers.

4. Efficient.

Because the company formation is guided by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), the formation process runs as accurately as the assembly of elite brands of German cars. We double control the preparation of the documents. The tasks of each team member are assigned at the project planning stage. Upon completion of each step the project proceeds to the next stage without wasting the resources.

5. Assistance in developing the customer’s business.

Nexus closely works with ministry organizations in Hamburg. They are interested in the companies’ economic success. Therefore, our customers receive contacts to logistics organizations, the Port of Hamburg, the customs. Together with state organizations we help foreign entrepreneurs establish business connections and conquer the German market.

6. Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Germany. We help foreign entrepreneurs who successfully carry out business in Hamburg with obtaining a residence permit. Obtaining a residence permit is carried out according to the 5-step Nexus-Smart Immigrate technology. It was developed by Dr. Mamkina specifically for foreign entrepreneurs. Dr. Mamkina received not only a residence permit in Germany, but also citizenship for business. Therefore, the risks of refusal in obtaining a residence permit are significantly minimized.

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