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safe and reliable bridge to Germany

Start a successful business in Germany

Eager to form a company and launch a successful business in Germany?

Do it with a 4-time acceleration with our Project Management service.

  • High efficiency: We launch your business according to the international PMBOK PMI® standards for planning, execution, controlling and risk management.

  • Absolute transparency: No hidden fees. No hidden information. Regular detailed reports.

  • Exceptional understanding: We understand you — we specialize in working with foreign entrepreneurs.

  • Nothing is impossible: Experts with exceptional level of competence and practical experience in different fields.

Possibility to start a business even without your personal arrival in Germany. From a trade company to own manufacture. 

✓7000 clients   ✓83 countries   ✓Experts with Project Management Professional (PMP) certificates.

Contact us right now to start a successful business in Germany:  info@nexus-gmbh.biz

What is in our power?

Project management is planning, organization, control and optimization. We turn business on paper into business in practice. A speculative idea into an actually working mechanism. We take care of everything: finding the space, providers, equipment, personnel. Because of close work with government and business structures we help foreign entrepreneurs become true members of the German business community. 

Examples of what we can:

  • Launch a manufacture ­­in Germany— from construction from scratch to launching

  • Open a store in Germany— from a small one to a chain store

  • Launch an IT company in Germany— from an outsourcing company to IT engineering structure

  • Open a representative office of a trade company for all types of products: food, electronics, medical equipment, appliances

Professionally experienced project management is the difference between success and failure when starting a business in Germany.

Your expectations + our capabilities!

Acceleration №1

We work specifically with foreign entrepreneurs

Unlike other companies, we specialize in supporting precisely foreign clients. Why is it important? Where a German person is given the green light, there are obstacles for a foreigner at every step when you start a business in Germany. What kind of obstacles? A tax number is being issued for months. Finding a working space turns into an endless challenge. Most companies close before even starting to work.

You get a working business in Germany. Ensured quality and performance. On time and at the specified cost.

Planning to start a manufacture in Germany?

When we are approached for opening a production, we find a ready-to-use production space. Or we obtain a building permit and build from scratch. We register the company in Germany. We select and complete the production with equipment, perform startup procedures. We obtain the necessary permits, help to get product certification. We find and onboard staff and third-party providers. We prepare the opening ceremony, marketing and PR campaigns with the involvement of the regional administration, press and significant figures. We help to establish sales markets. As a result, you get a business ready to be launched in Germany "right now".

Acceleration №2

Complex support of your business

We help you launch and establish important business processes. At your disposal — a team needed to plan and implement each stage of business development in Germany. These are experts from various fields of activity: lawyers, economists, strategists, builders, electricians, mechanics, engineers. How does it work? We put together precise selection criteria: experience, qualifications, special skills. You choose from several candidates. This ensures maximum efficiency for starting a successful business in Germany.

Planning to start import-export business in Germany?

When we are approached by companies what work in import-export, we form the company in Germany, find warehouse rooms. We find and equip the office, help with product certification, obtaining tax, VAT, EORI numbers. We select logistics and customs companies, find and register personnel, provide accounting services. As a result, you get a business in Germany ready to be launched "right now".

Acceleration №3

We help you become a part of the German business community

Over 7000 companies from 83 countries have become our clients. We have established partnerships with governmental and commercial organizations throughout Germany. We have a wide range of business contacts with entrepreneurs from different fields. We help you not only to start your own business in Germany, but also to become a true member of the German business community.

Your business activity is considered beneficial for Germany? We assist you with participation in government programs. Through German organizations and associations, you receive support from the country — help with networking, market entry, PR.

We work even remotely. In 9 out of 10 cases we can launch your business even without your personal arrival in Germany.

Planning to open a shop in Germany?

When we are approached for opening a shop, we register the company and the trade mark. We find a space, help negotiate and sign rent agreements. We complete the space with furniture and equipment, obtain tax, VAT numbers and permits. We find and register employees. We prepare the opening ceremony, marketing and PR campaigns. For shops with more than 10 people, we invite the regional administration and the press. As a result, you get a business in Germany ready to be launched "right now".

Acceleration №4

Planned result at the determined time

We have a crucial difference from other companies. Our specialists are certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP). It is the main international certification standard in the field of project management, recognized throughout the world. Government, commercial and other organizations employ PMP certified project managers to vastly improve the comprehensiveness and success rate of projects in all areas of knowledge.

Who issues the certificate? The American Project Management Institute (PMI). For more than 30 years PMI's practice and knowledge have been affecting all areas of economics. Their advanced project techniques are used in the aerospace and automotive industries, finance, IT, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.

To get the certificate one requires extensive practical experience and knowledge in dozens of areas. You need to pass a difficult multi-step exam. Preparation for the theoretical part takes 4 months. The presence of a PMP is a guarantee of relevant knowledge, skills and practical experience for a successful start of any business in Germany.

How project management works for you

  • Time saving. Our international experience works for you. We launch your business in Germany according to the international standards for planning, execution, controlling and risk management ­— PMBOK PMI.

  • Risk minimization. Business becomes more protected, more resistant to force majeure. With our help, you smoothly get around sharp corners.

  • Avoiding crucial mistakes. You organize your activities the most efficient way from the very start. Without critical mistakes and wrong decisions.

  • Saving money. You see what works and what doesn't. You timely give up on unprofitable steps. You focus only on the profitable ones.

  • Efficiency. The team's work is thought out and organized in such a way that it provides maximum benefit to your business.

What makes us experts in starting a business in Germany

17 years of work — more than 7000 clients from 83 countries from all around the world.

1. Project Management Professional certificate

Unlike other companies, we have certified Project Management Professionals (PMP).

Why it is important? It is precisely such a manager who can implement a super-profitable project for you to start a business in Germany.

2. Expert at the head of the company

All projects are guided under personal control of our Managing Director, Dr. Mamkina

She is a graduate of the same university that 2 presidents and 5 Nobel laureates have graduated from. She has an expertise in over 47 bodies of knowledge. Dr. Mamkina is a certified Project Management Professional.

Dr. Mamkina has a Master’s degree in Economics and a PhD in Mathematics. She presented her work at conferences side by side with Nobel laureates in economics: Dr. J. Nash, Dr. R. Myerson, Dr. R. Aumann.

Why it is important? Supreme international competencies work for you.

3. Strong team

Our experts have an exceptional work experience with foreign entrepreneurs. Many of the specialists have a Doctor’s degree in marketing, commercial law, psychology, statistics, political science, applied mathematics. They have been selected throughout the whole Germany and Europe personally by Dr. Mamkina.

Why it is important? Launching your business in Germany is handled by real experts.

Still have questions?

What if you launch a business in Germany by yourself ? It is almost impossible for a foreigner to succeed in Germany without knowing all the nuances of the legal basis and state structure.

What if you hire business consultants? They don’t have the Project Management Professional certification. Their help consists of certain recommendations on a limited range of topics.

What if you choose famous German project management companies? As a rule, they work with German entrepreneurs and won’t be able to help a foreigner.

Wondering how to get to Germany during Corona? In 9 out of 10 cases, we launch a business without your personal arrival in Germany. With our advanced approach to project management, you have the ability to run all processes remotely.

Contact us right now to launch a successful business in Germany

Let us manage your project without leaving your own country


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