Relocating to Malta for business or work purposes

There are many reasons why one would consider relocating to and living in Malta. The island is known for its high quality of life, boasting 300 days of sunshine each year. Apart from that, there are additional benefits when moving to Malta, such as, English as an official language, easy accessible from most European airports and excellent healthcare.

Apart from the lifestyle reasons, working or opening a company in Malta also offers ample benefits. When it comes to working, the country offers ample career opportunities with multiple disruptive industries such as igaming and blockchain. Apart from that, the government offers several business incentives to encourage companies to relocate or open their organisation in Malta.

Relocate with Welcome Center Malta

Welcome Center Malta is one of the leading platforms in Malta that assists high end individuals and companies relocating to Malta. WCM acts as one stop shop, that provides all the information required to live, work or open a business in Malta. Apart from information, WCM also partnered with some of the most reputable service providers to be able to assist anyone with a successful relocation.

WCM focuses on the following services:


Corporate Services – WCM will take care and assist with anything required to open a company in Malta. This includes aid with company formation, banking, commercial property and much more.

Tax Advisory Services – One of the main reasons why companies relocate to Malta is due to the tax incentives provided by the authorities. Foreign companies can have an effective tax rate as low as 5%. Welcome Center Malta provides tax advice so that companies in Malta benefit the most out of tax models.

Blockchain services – So many companies are deciding to launch an ICO and STO Malta. There are many reasons why companies choose Malta for their ICO launch, but mainly due to the many incentives offered by the authorities.

Welcome Center Malta

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