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Job seeker visa in Germany

After publishing our videos on types of residence permits in Germany we are often contacted by people from all over the word with the question: how can I find a job in Germany? In this article and video we will tell you about the job sicker visa that allows you to come to Germany with the purpose of looking for a job as well as about job seeker visa requirements and Germany job seeker visa fees.

A German job sicker visa is a residence permit that allows you to stay in Germany for 6 month and look for a job. Please note that a job seeker visa in Germany does not allow you to work in Germany, but only to look for job. Once you find a job, you have to apply for a residence permit (for example a Blue Card or an employment visa).

In Germany, a job seeker visa valid for 6 month and cannot be extended. That is why to maximize the chances for getting a job in Germany, it is important not only to prepare the documents correctly to obtain the visa but also develop a good plan of actions in advance.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, assists foreigners with starting and developing their own successful businesses in Germany as well as obtaining German residence permits through business  and the EU Blue Card. Please contact us to get an individual consultation.

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To apply for a job seeker visa in Germany you need to take 3 steps:

  1. Check your eligibility for obtaining a German job seeker visa

  2. Prepare documents

  3. Apply for an appointment

We will tell you about each step.

Watch our video about job seeker visa Germany:

Step 1. Checking if you are eligible for a job seeker visa Germany

So, who is eligible for obtaining a job seeker visa?

There are two groups of people who can apply for a job seeker visa in Germany:

1) individuals with a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree of a German university or a degree that is recognized in Germany;


2) those who have a successful completion of qualified vocational training in Germany.

If you are a holder of a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree, in order to be eligible for a German job seeker visa:

  1. Your degree must be of a German university or recognized in Germany. How to check if your degree is recognized in Germany? Please watch our video instruction

  2. You must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a field related to your studies.

  3. You need to provide proof of having enough funds to cover your entire stay in Germany.

  4. You need to have medical insurance for your entire stay in Germany.

  5. You have to correctly prepare and submit all the documents that we will tell you about in this video.

These are the job seeker visa requirements that need to be fulfilled. If you don’t have a degree of a university recognized in Germany but have successfully completed vocational training in Germany, you can also apply for a job seeker visa Germany. However in this case you will have to provide a proof of knowing the German language at least at B1 level.

Please note that the knowledge of the German language is not mandatory for application for a German job seeker visa if you are a holder of a recognized university degree. However it is very much recommended to learn German to at least B1 level in order to increase your chances of finding a job. Many German employers do not even give you a chance without you speaking German. Exceptions are IT, mathematicians and other STEM professions where you have more chances to find an English-speaking job.

Step 2. Preparing the documents for a job seeker visa Germany

Providing a full and correct package of documents is also one of the important job seeker visa requirements. The full list of documents must be checked at the German diplomatic mission in the country where you’ve been staying for the last 6 months.

What documents you need to provide for your application for a German job seeker visa:

1. Valid passport

2. 3 passport pictures

3. Cover letter from the applicant explaining the exact course of action to find employment in Germany

4. Proof of academic qualification and work experience: degree of a German university or one equivalent to a German academic degree and relevant previous work experience certificates for future employment in Germany. We made a detailed video instruction on how to check if your foreign university degree is recognized in Germany and get a confirmation using the Anabin website.

5. Personal CV containing full education and employment history

6. Proof of accommodation in Germany (if staying with a friend or relative, a formal obligation letter might be required)

7. Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your stay by one of the following documents:

  • bank statement showing a sufficient sum on your account,
  • formal obligation letter by a sponsor living in Germany,
  • blocked bank account.

Here comes the question: how much money is considered sufficient for a job seeker visa in Germany? As per 2021 you must have at least 950 euro for one month (it is 5700 euro for 6 months). But we recommend providing proof of availability of a bit more if possible. Also we made a detailed video on living costs in Germany and how to save money.

8. Proof of health insurance covering your entire stay in Germany

9. Proof of personal status in your home country, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, and others (translated into German or English)

Please note that German diplomatic missions reserve the right to ask for additional documents. The list of documents might also be changed every so often. Here we provided the general current information on job seeker visa Germany in 2021.

Lack of some documents or inappropriate preparation might lead to rejection of the visa. We developed and published a guide on how to prepare the documents for official German authorities. Please check it to avoid common mistakes.

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Step 3. Applying for an appointment for the German job seeker visa

After you have gathered all the documents you must fill out an application form for a job seeker visa. The form is to be filled out at the website of the German diplomatic mission in the country where you’ve been staying for the last 6 months. After submitting the form, you should book an appointment for an interview. During the interview it will be decided whether you will be granted the job seeker visa for Germany. So you must carefully prepare the full package of documents as well as be prepared for the interview.

Please note that during Covid German diplomatic missions in some countries do not process job seeker visas. If you are in one of those countries, please keep checking their website because the rules and regulations are constantly changing.

As for the job seeker visa Germany cost, the current application fee is 75 euro. The German job seeker visa cost, just as any other visa fees, is subject to change and should always be checked before application. This is the relevant information about job seeker visa Germany in 2021

We’d like to remind you once again that in Germany a job seeker visa is granted for 6 months and cannot be extended. Six months expire very fast. Germany has a very unhurried pace of life and quite a bureaucratic approach to things. Employee rights in Germany are well protected. However the employers are very thorough when selecting employees, so the process might take a while. We’ve made a detailed video about the German business mentality: “Don’t open a business in Germany if…”. We strongly recommend that you watch it before going to Germany.

So, before applying for a job seeker visa in Germany you need to think your actions through in advance: what companies you are going to contact to look for a job, prepare your CV in a format that German employers are used to. You need to study information about the companies you are going to contact and prepare for an interview.

If you find a job, we’ll be happy to assist you with applying for a Blue Card in Germany. If you can’t find a suitable job, please don’t be discouraged. Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, can help you open a successful business in Germany. If your business is beneficial for Germany, we can assist you with obtaining the German residence permit through business immigration. We manage complex projects on turn-key basis.

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