Entering European Medical Market

The medical device market in the EU accounts for one third of the global market, with around €100 billion in yearly revenue. Germany and France are the key countries that are contributing significantly to the overall European medical devices market. Healthcare systems in the EU vary from country to country, as does the purchase process from hospital to hospital.

Nexus focuses in bringing medical device producers into two main European markets: the German medical devices market, which is the largest market in Europe (31 % of the total European production), and the French medical device market, which ranks second in Europe (16%).

Our many years of experience, knowledge of the medical services market in Germany, France and Russia, and extensive connections with hospitals and private doctors will be to your great advantage in entering the European medical market. Whether you plan to introduce a new product in Germany or France, or to expand already existing distribution networks, Nexus would be happy to elaborate and implement an optimal strategy for the promotion of your products. 

This is what we do:

  • Establish or/and developing distribution networks and marketing channels that match your line of products. 
  • Create a sound strategy to grow your business in Germany and France.
  • Establish official representation of your company in Germany and France (Turnkey solutions: from registering the company for you to hiring the staff and renting office space).
  • Organize promotional activities in Germany and France.
  • Full exhibition packages, and individual preparation for exhibition participation.
  • Market Research  

All projects are guided by Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Nexus is guided by the international standards of the Project Management Institute - Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMI PMBOK®), and the best Project Management experience adjusted to the specifics of local markets, environments and needs of the customers. The approach we adopt is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality, and above all, client satisfaction are realized.