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Get Maximum Return from Events
with Nexus-Europe

Exhibition Services

Participating in exhibitions is a very important piece of any company's business plan. It's a valuable and efficient way to introduce products, discover new technology, and make the new contacts and partnerships that will drive future expansion and growth at home and abroad.

Nexus-Europe GmbH offers individual services as complete packages. You choose your own package, selecting the services you need, and forget about the inconvenience of ordering services separately from numerous outside sources. You discuss your goals and preferences with us and our specialists will take care of everything on your behalf. Because we are not influenced by personal interests, we recommend only the shows that best meet the client needs.

We are the only point of contact you will ever need for every exhibition related service:

  • Help to choose the exhibitions which best fit the goals of your company
  • Reserve space and provide a  stand construction
  • Preparation for exhibition participation
  • Travel support (hotel, transfers, etc)
  • Organize traffic to your booth, schedule meetings
  • Translation-Interpreter services before, during, and after exhibition
  • Marketing research, strategy making
  • Providing post-exhibition services
  • Other services on request of our customers

For the advantage of our customers, at selected exhibitions Nexus-Europe operates its own pavilion. Nexus-Europe Pavilion organizes our customers together into a single location that is convenient to access points and central to the services that Nexus-Europe provides. From providing the space for your exhibit; to the construction and decoration of your stand; to power supply for lights and equipment; to language fluent professional translators and representatives who can take care of your booth, be technical translators, register the customers, and generally be your private assistant in the booth; to a representative between our customers and the exhibit hall staff; to internet access and refreshment service. If there is something we don't provide, well, you probably don't need it.

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