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Interpreter in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

German quality and guarantees at beneficial Russian prices

Looking for an interpreter or translator in Moscow or Saint Petersburg? Hard to make a choice? Protect yourself from failures on business or personal trips! Our unique complex solution Smart Interpreter in Moscow and Saint Petersburg provides you absolute comfort and security. Without over paying. Without dreadful experiences.

Contact us right now to get 100% reliable Smart Interpreter in Moscow or Saint Petersburg: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

Watch this video to learn how the Smart Interpreter Moscow and St. Petersburg complex solution makes your exhibitions and business events in Russia profitable and your trips there safe:

Nexus Smart Interpreter solution: 5 things which guarantee absolute safety and a maximum return from your event in Russia 

1. The exclusive Nexus Select technology of interpreter selection

It consists of 43 check points and was developed by a team of premium-class specialists: certified Project Management Professionals, psychologists, and marketing experts. Nexus Select is based on the feedback of 5000+ of our clients and 17+ years of work experience in the Russian and European markets.

Most agencies select the interpreters and translators in Moscow and St. Petersburg based only on their profiles. Without even testing their language skills. That is the reason why more than 78% of our clients came to us after their tragic experiences with interpreters and translators when ordering interpretation services in Moscow from other providers.

Because of the exclusive Nexus Select technology you are guaranteed to get a highly qualified interpreter in Moscow and St. Petersburg who:

  • is absolutely fluent in the foreign language
  • professionally works with business and technical vocabulary
  • has flawless communication skills, presentable appearance, and knowledge of business etiquette
  • is extremely customer-oriented

On average, from every 415 candidates only 27 interpreters (translators) in Moscow and 35 interpreters in Saint Petersburg are selected. After all, the professional future of each interpreter directly depends on their performance with client.

I really can’t think of anything that could be improved as I´m 100% happy.  Right from the start the correspondence with your company was amazing. All my questions were answered quickly and on point. Besides you provided even more useful information without any request.

The work with Nika was outstanding. She speaks German very well and was a real help. Even after having finished work she was still available via Whatsapp for questions and translating 1 or 2 sentences. I couldn’t have found a better agency nor a better interpreter. If I’ll be coming back to Moscow or St. Petersburg and will need an interpreter I will definitely contact you.” — Daniela Treffer-Coutinho

2. German guarantee and reliability when ordering an Interpreter in Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Nexus is officially registered in Germany and Russia with representation in 5 European countries. During our 15+ years of operation in Russia, France, Germany, Italy and other EU countries we have serviced 7000+ happy customers. Among them are: Bauer, Versace tiles, Sportalm, Verona Fiera, Messe Essen, Messe Frankfurt-Singapore, Skype, Chambers of Commerce, National Pavilions, and Government Ministries. Our commitment to quality of service has earned us the support of European and American governments. We will be happy to provide you with references.

Be aware that many interpretation services in Moscow use virtual phone numbers to make an impression that they are American or European firms. Nexus is officially registered in Germany and Russia. You get an official agreement issued by our European company. You get local Russian staff with the guarantees of the German company. The price for Interpreters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg is 2-3 times lower than the price for interpreting services in France or Germany, while the quality of our service complies with the best European standards.

3. Double quality control and compliance with international standards

The quality of the interpreter’s and translator’s work in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as well as all stages of the project pass a double control. All projects are supervised by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Even if you ordered only one interpreter in Moscow or St. Petersburg for 1 day you still get the same high level of service as all of our other customers. We strictly follow the international PMI PMBOK standards providing you with precision, security and transparency.


4. Maximum return on investment from any business event

Since 2003, Nexus is a full service provider for foreign companies who are entering and growing in the EU and Russian markets. That is why, unlike narrow interpretation service providers in Moscow, we understand the difference between the “ideal” interpreter in Moscow for exhibitions and an interpreter for presentations and interviews. Did you know how often exhibitions and presentations failed only because the interpreter did not possess behavioral skills needed for these specific types of events? That is why at the behavioral interview stage we already exclude 43% of the candidates.

On average, after going through 43 check points of the Nexus Select technology, from every 415 candidates only 27 translators in Moscow and 35 translators in St. Petersburg are selected.

Unlike most agencies we personally know all of our interpreters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. And the Nexus Select technology is based on the feedback of 5000+ of our clients and consists of 43 check points. For example, for exhibitions and conferences we developed a complex solution: Bilingual Smart Exhibition Staff in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Special Smart Interpreter complex solutions are developed for business meetings and negotiations, promo events, presentations, interpretation of interviews, visiting factories and establishing contacts with business partners in Russia.

5. Personal bilingual coordinator

All organizational matters during the event are solved instantly through the personal manager. That is the crucial difference between us and most of the interpretation services in Moscow that leave the client one on one with the translator or interpreter right after getting the order. Think about the loss from a failure of the event if the chosen interpreter in Moscow doesn’t show up at the booth, or comes unprepared, or turns out to be completely incompetent.

You are taking an even higher risk when hiring a freelance interpreter or translator in Moscow or St. Petersburg. After all, even the most honest freelancer fails to work in case of illness or another emergency.

With us you are protected from such risks and save 2-3 days for organizational matters with an interpreter. It is us who keeps full control of the interpreter’s work and their preparation for the exhibition or presentation. It is us who coordinates the meeting time, making sure the interpreter in Moscow or Saint Petersburg is at the booth on time and works with maximum efficiency. If the interpreter gets sick we provide an equivalent replacement. It is us who are always there for you to address any questions or concerns.

To summarize it all, Smart Interpreter in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow is a complex solution that includes:

  • Selection of an optimal candidate

  • An interpreter who suits the 43 check points of the Nexus Select technology

  • Preparation of the interpreter for the event: studying the products, the company’s website, and promo materials

  • Personal manager

  • Double control of the interpreter’s performance

  • Control of all the project stages by a certified Project Management Professional


Cost for Smart Interpreter package in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg

Smart Interpreter in Moscow complex solution

Price for 1 day (8 hours)

Smart Interpreter in St. Petersburg complex solution

Price for 1 day (8 hours)
At exhibitions and trade showsOut of exhibitions and trade showsAt exhibitions and trade showsOut of exhibitions and trade shows
from 99 euros/dayfrom 120 euros/dayfrom 99 euros/dayfrom 110 euros/day

Interpreter with English/Russian, German/Russian, Italian/Russian, Spanish/Russian, French/Russian language combinations are possible.

The exact price for an Interpreter in Moscow and Saint Petersburg depends on several factors and is calculated individually. We start sales several months before the event at the early booking price. Every 9 days the price grows by 5%. For hot events (for example Automechanica, Worldfood Moscow etc.) we are often fully booked 3-4 weeks prior to the event.

Contact us right now to get an individual solution for a Smart Interpreter in Moscow or Saint Petersburg at a beneficial price!

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