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International Business Development

Solutions for German and EU Clients

In conditions of the energy crisis, inflation and Covid production in 3rd countries is demanded like never before. Nexus-Europe GmbH offers cost-beneficial solutions for opening productions in 3rd countries. This helps you avoid bankruptcy, shortage of raw materials and supply chain disruptions. The uniqueness of the solutions lies in risk minimization, reasonability of expenses, precise strategies and iterative approach. 

Your benefits

No high investments. We understand that long-term investments in tough times are an unbearable burden for most enterprises. That is why we develop solutions for different budgets. From OEM productions with minimum investments to the possibility of building own manufactures.

No high energy costs. The cost of electricity for the production sector varies between 0.05-0.11 USD/Kwt.

Short payback period. You save up to 15 times on the cost of energy resources, raw materials and labor costs. Thus many projects pay for themselves already in the first few months.

Your risks are minimized. We cooperate with government structures of many countries on different levels. Because of it you get extensive support and the green light on all stages of the project.

Optimal solutions. We consider each situation individually: what raw materials and technologies your production needs, production volume and individual specifics of your business. Based on that we develop and implement individual solutions.

Your products can still be marked as “made in Germany”. If your goal is full quality control, the final essential steps can be executed in Germany.

What you get

You get anti-crisis solutions right here and right now. While others keep having endless discussions on how the country should act further, your enterprise loses hundreds of thousands of euro doing nothing. For example, gas costs for one of the top chemical groups in Germany are currently 2.1 billion euro higher than the year before. 

We prevent the losses for our clients because we act right here and right now. We have strategists on our team whose works have been presented alongside with Nobel Prize winners’ in economics. And certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) help fulfill the strategy without wasting your time and money.

Realistic and fulfillable solutions. We help you to establish a production according to the highest international Project Management standards. All projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs). Government and top commercial organizations employ PMPs to vastly improve the comprehensiveness and success rate in all areas.

Support of local authorities on different levels. Thus the strategy is developed based on reliable data and your interests are protected on each stage of the project implementation.

Decades of work experience with foreign countries. You get a smooth integration of your business into the local culture. Our project team and subject matter experts have years of practical work experience with foreign countries. We do understand the mentalities, local cultures and how the state machines work. Our contacts and experience work for our customers.

Want to rescue your business from the energy crises? Contact us for an individual solution!

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