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Dominate the European Market
with Nexus-Europe GmbH

Starting a Business in Germany

Eliminate your competitors with Masters of Market Domination!

Become an active player in the German and European market in just 6 months! Save 80% of the start-up budget and reduce the time for entering the market by 1.7 times. Order the unique complex solution “Napoleon” for starting a business in Germany and Europe. Sell your products in 28 countries from one single location. Without borders. Without customs duties. This is achieved because of the exclusive Nexus Dominate technology, developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Email us right now to learn how we make you a leader in the German and European markets: info@nexus-gmbh.biz  

Starting a business in Germany as a foreigner with Nexus makes you an absolute winner because:

1. High-level proficiency and relevance of market entry solutions. Opening a business in Germany is led by premium level specialists. Among them are Doctors of Economics, Law, Mathematics and Psychology. They are constantly improving and renewing their knowledge at conferences alongside Nobel Prize laureates, senators, ministers and even presidents. Our contacts and experience makes opening and running your business in Germany unbeatable.

2. The unique Nexus Dominate technology makes German market entry optimal with maximum efficiency. Nexus Dominate is based on 81 bodies of knowledge. Among them are: strategic planning, NLP, marketing, project management, applied psychology, and game theory. This reduces the time for starting a business in Germany and Europe by 1.7 times. Without any additional investments.

3. Budget savings up to 80% through optimized resource management – all projects are led by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs). You save not only at the opening a business in Germany stage, but also during the operation and functioning of the business after it is started. For example, starting a small business in Germany with us saves even a 1-person company up to 15 000 Euros during its first operational year.

4. Risk minimization. Risks are foreseen and minimized by the experts during the stage of strategy development and are monitored under strict compliance with international standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI PMBOK®). This makes your  German market entry safe and comfortable. 

5. Working with us is comfortable. You get not only a complex solution, but also its fulfillment. You save 4-6 months of time and tens of thousands of euros from your budget when you trust us with opening a business in Germany, company formation, staff recruitment, and exhibition preparation. We are happy to implement the whole strategy as well as any of its parts.

6. Only proven solutions. Nexus management uses its own experience in successfully starting a business in Germany and getting German citizenship for business. It gives our clients an undeniable advantage over theoreticians who have never traveled this path themselves. We know the whole process of starting a business in Germany as a foreigner inside and out. We know all the traps and dangers that a foreigner will surely meet. We will save you from unnecessary spending and disappointment when opening a business in Germany as well as on all stages of its operation.

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Email us: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

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