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Company formation in Germany for British citizens:

Nexus Brexit Solution

Uncertain what happens to your business after Brexit? Fear to lose the European markets? Stop depending on Brexit! Break dependencies on Brexit decisions. Open a company in Germany!  Because of our Nexus Brexit Solution opening a company in Germany as a British citizen is maximally smooth and effective.

Brexit crushes many businesses that rely on EU customers or partners. Even if the Free Trade Agreement is reached, the loss in trade turnover for a number of companies becomes fatal. Many European customers and large partners already prefer European suppliers.

Good news. Global changes give new opportunities. For example, Apple (1975, 2001), Microsoft (1975), Netflix (1997, 2020?) shot ahead during terrible economical times. However only the smartest and initiative ones see the opportunities. The uncertain periods cruelly smash those who keep waiting and clinging to old working schemes.

What the British get when opening a company in Germany:

Keeping European clients and partners. No one wants to bear the risks of interruption in supplies or services. Many clients follow the path of least resistance: they are looking for replacements for British partners already now.

Taking a niche and leaving British competitors behind. Because many European companies put any cooperation with British companies on hold. Let your UK competitors lose opportunities. Take a niche by offering cooperation as a European company. Company formation in Germany for UK citizens is a great solution for that.

Saving yourself from having to compete with companies from third countries. It is the status of an importer of a third country that British companies will receive if no agreement is reached.

Acquiring the status of a reliable partner all over the world. During Corona Germany has proven the reliability and protection of the businesses. 353 bln euros were allocated by the German government to support German businesses and prevent bankruptcy. The amount of guarantees was 819 bln euros. Think: What country do customers from all over the world want to do business with?

The main misbeliefs of British entrepreneurs regarding opening of a GmbH/UG in Germany

Unfortunately, opening a company in Germany as a British person, just like any other foreigner, is much more difficult than opening an Ltd. in the UK. It is impossible to open a company online. It is impossible to have a company registered in 3 days. If a company is being registered remotely (without the personal presence of the client), then preparation of the documents is even more important than with the personal presence. Often, the total volume of documents for the bank, constitutional documents of the company, powers of attorney, application forms for the tax numbers etc. exceeds 100 pages. On average, only in the process of getting the tax number a foreign entrepreneur is contacted 5 times by the tax authorities.

Watch the video to avoid the most common misbeliefs of foreign entrepreneurs when starting a business in Germany:

What should you do? No worries: 

Nexus Brexit Solution – opening a business in Germany for British entrepreneurs

To get the company formation in Germany for the British maximally smooth and effective, we have developed and successfully implemented a special solution. It is developed especially for British clients. We have been registering companies for clients from the UK even remotely and even during Corona. Even during the lock-down and when the German embassy and consulates in the UK were closed. 

Company formation in Germany for British clients is a complex work of the Nexus' team of experts: consultants, notaries, tax advisers and legal advisers in some cases. The risks are minimized because each of the experts has a vast experience of working with British clients. Only Nexus-approved experts work on the projects. Our team of experts has been put together one by one from all over Germany during 11 years of work personally by Dr. Mamkina.

No need to communicate and coordinate each expert separately. No need to deal with tax authorities and courts yourself. We take your requirements, plan, implement and control the project from the beginning to the end. The smoothness of company formation in Germany for UK citizens is ensured because all the projects are coordinated by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) according to the strict international PMI PMBOK standards. 

What a British entrepreneur should know when registering a company in Germany:

A British citizen can become the managing director. You don’t have to hire a German managing director

The shareholders can be British citizens or a British company

The main requirements for registering a company in Germany and the main differences between a UG and a GmbH can be found here

How starting a business in Germany as a British citizen with Nexus works:

1. You contact us and describe your situation.

2. We clarify the requirements and send you an individual offer. Each situation is unique. General approach might cost the loss of thousands of euros. And closing a company might be 10 times more expensive and take over 1 year

3. After the project is approved, we assign the specialists. The tasks of each team member are assigned at the project planning stage. Everyone does their job to exact specifications. Upon completion of each step the project proceeds to the next stage without wasting the resources.  The smoothness of company formation in Germany for UK citizens is ensured because all the projects are coordinated by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) according to the strict international PMI PMBOK standards.

4. We prepare all paperwork and make necessary arrangements with the notary, tax adviser and banks. We schedule your meeting with the notary and the bank. Alternatively, company formation in Germany for a British citizen is possible without your personal arrival

5. It is us who monitor the process of registering the company, opening a bank account. Upon finishing the registration, our tax advisor contacts the tax office, fills out the forms, and personally applies for the tax and VAT numbers. You are relieved of the necessity of communicating with the German tax authorities and courts. Our experts with a vast experience of work with British clients do it for you.

6. Your company is ready to operate. If you wish, you can sign a contract for accounting and tax support with the Nexus-approved tax advisor company. The specialist in accounting and taxes has many years of experience in working with foreign clients including the UK.

7. Through our Nexus-approved legal advisers, we can register a trade mark, provide legal support for concluding contracts, obtaining licenses.

8. As a project management company with certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), we can organize the entire work process of your company: obtaining the necessary licenses, assisting in the acquisition of premises, equipping stores, completing the production, recruiting personnel to name just a few. For projects that are beneficial for regions we can assist with getting the support of ministerial organizations.

Stop missing opportunities and waiting when Brexit ruins all prospects! Benefit from the situation: take new niches, multiply your income and dominate the European market! Nexus Brexit Solution for company formation in Germany for the British is a way to ensure the stability of your business.

Contact us right now to select the most efficient solution for opening a company in Germany!

Remote company formation is also possible. Without your personal visit to Germany. We are working for you during uneasy time of Coronavirus! 

Email us: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

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