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Company formation in Germany

without standard risks

Set up a company in Germany as a foreigner without typical risks. Get full complex support in one hands: from company formation in Germany to launching the business. Many years of cooperation with government organizations help us to realize even the boldest ideas.

Everything to make you a victor in the German market is at our disposal. Experts, knowledge, skills, expertise, opportunities. Leading business consultants, lawyers, tax advisors and Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs).

We know the difficulties and traps that await foreign entrepreneurs when opening a company in Germany and effectively avoid them.

In 9 out of 10 cases we can register a company for you even without your personal visit to Germany.

Company formation in Germany for foreigners without typical risks

5 powerful preconditions for solving your task:

  1. All projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) in strict accordance with international PMBOK PMI standards for planning, execution, controlling and risk management.

  2. Vast experience in supporting foreign entrepreneurs: 7000+ clients from 83 countries.

  3. Complex approach: not only company formation in Germany, but a complex business support.

  4. Leading experts in different fields: business consultants, lawyers, tax advisers and strategists.

  5. Full transparency. We estimate and inform you about your chances from the very start.

Contact us to set up a company in Germany: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

Whom are we useful to?

We help to set up a company in Germany:

Those who have complex conditions for registering a company

For example if the shareholder is a foreign company or the shareholders are citizens of different countries. Or there is no opportunity to come to Germany in person.

What do we do for you? We estimate the situation from different angles: check if permits are necessary, if double taxation comes into question. We determine if your shareholders/managing directors require a residence permit. We estimate if your project can get government support or loans and consult you on how to get them.

We engage leading experts to solving your matter, every one of whom is an ace in their field. Corporate lawyers, tax advisers who specialize in double taxation, immigration lawyers, business consultants, competent notaries.

In 9 out of 10 cases we can set up a company in Germany without the personal presence of the shareholders and managing directors.

We help you become a part of the German business community. Become its true member.

Those who want to form a company in Germany to get a residence permit

What do we do for you? We estimate your chances. To achieve this we use our 20 years of experience and our unique 5-step Nexus Immigrate Technology. We know all the requirements for company formation in Germany for you to be able to apply for a residence permit. We can even help you become a part of the German business community.

Those who want to simplify and speed up the process of company formation in Germany

You have a more or less standard situation. Your documents are presumably in order. There is no need for long checks for licenses and additional consultations with subject matter experts.

What do we do for you? We set up a company in Germany for you quickly and with minimal expenditures.

Only some of the risks of company formation in Germany

A mistake that could cost thousands of euro

  • Even German entrepreneurs drown in all the nuances of requirements to the documents. It is practically impossible for a foreigner to understand them all. But failing to meet the requirements is a very common cause of rejection when opening a company in Germany as a foreigner.

  • The cost of a mistake only in the process of preparation of the documents could be thousands of euro. One needs to know what and how to do. Remember the difficulties when filling out the visa application form — and it is only two pages. For company formation in Germany as a foreigner up to 200 pages have to be prepared.

  • At the slightest inaccuracy you need to pay the fees and pay for the trip to Germany again to make changes. Even the smallest correction will cost you around 2000 euro.

  • According to the notaries’ statistics, in 30% of the cases company formation in Germany fails because of such a triviality as non-delivery of the invoice for the registration fee at the place of company registration.

  • Even tax advisers and tax offices might not be familiar with all the nuances of getting the tax number for non-German residents. That is why the tax office contacts the entrepreneur 5-7 times with clarifying questions. To defend your interests maximally convincing, it is important to understand the procedure and give correct answers. Only a competent tax adviser with experience of working with foreign customers is capable of that.

  • Things are even more complicated with opening bank accounts for foreigners. It is a very difficult task that can turn into an endless quest for a foreigner.

  • Company formation in Germany does not guarantee getting a residence permit. It gives a significant advantage only if certain important requirements are met.

  • Having a residence permit of another European country doesn’t give you any advantages when applying for a residence permit for business in Germany.

Watch this video to learn what other risks and traps await foreign entrepreneurs when opening a company in Germany

Now it’s even more complicated

  • Closed borders drastically complicate the registration process. Even previously company formation in Germany without personal presence was almost impossible. Now the situation is even worse. However we developed solutions that in 9 out of 10 cases allow forming a company in Germany without your personal visit.

  • Now Germany checks the lawfulness of the funds origin much more strictly. Even more documents are required. There are more reasons for rejection when applying for tax numbers and bank accounts.

  • Government authorities regularly change the requirements to the documents. A person not familiar with the procedure wouldn’t even know how and where to look for those updates.

  • There are many companies that use these difficulties of company formation in Germany for foreigners to their own advantage. They promise to help easily and at a low cost,however in practice they absolutely destroy any chances for success.

How do you understand that the German partner is really capable of opening a company in Germany for you?

  • Complex business support. They don’t just help you form a company in Germany but also assist with launching your business. They view the task from a broader perspective and from different angles.

  • Honest approach. They don’t promise an easy solution to all problems at once. First, they carefully study the situation from all angles and only then draw conclusions.

  • Team. They have a team of proven specialists and partners. In whose statements they are 100% sure. Each screw of the mechanism is in good working order and works for the result.

  • Modern management tools. For example, they use international project management certification. This means that opening a company in Germany for you works effectively and smoothly. Learn more about Project Management in Germany here.

Start from a winning position!

Contact us to set up a company in Germany:  info@nexus-gmbh.biz

See what our customers say regarding their experience of forming a company in Germany with us:

Watch more recent cases here

Full balanced support during company formation in Germany for foreigners

  • Simple company formation on a turn-key basis. No need to waste your time studying a list of names of founding documents that say nothing to you. No need to communicate with registration courts and tax authorities. It is us who deal with all stages of opening a company in Germany for foreigners: we prepare and submit all documents for company registration, tax and VAT numbers. Communication with registration courts and tax authorities is also our concern.

  • Safe as a journey accompanied by a presidential motorcade. For 20 years, Nexus has been working with clients from almost all over of the world: from Russia to Dubai. We know the traps that foreign entrepreneurs face. To evaluate a project, we always carry out an initial assessment and inform you about your chances of success.

  • Complex support. All aspects are under our control. Taxes, optimal scheme of company formation in Germany, the necessary permits. We have all experts: corporate lawyers, business immigration lawyers, tax and business consultants. We can fully launch a business: from a trading company to a production facility. We work with government organizations, different federal states, associations. We can even help get government incentives and loans.

  • Needed result at the right time. All stages of company formation in Germany for foreigners are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) in strict accordance with the international PMI PMBOK® standards. This guarantees a well-coordinated work of experts and strict compliance with deadlines. Quality control at all stages.

  • Own know-hows. For example, the risk of rejection of a residence permit is significantly minimized with us. Because opening a company in Germany and preparation of the documents for the residence permit application are carried out using our 5-step Nexus Immigrate Technology.

  • Specialization on complex projects. We help our clients even in situations that seem unsolvable. For example, we registered companies in Germany even when opening a bank account seemed impossible. Even under complete lockdown, when embassies and consulates were closed and the shareholders were located in different countries.

  • Thorough preparation of documents. We use all our experience to make a correct list of documents — for your exact case. We do a huge job for this: sometimes the volume reaches dozens of documents that can have a total of 200 pages.

  • Monitoring new requirements. Our experience and non-standard approach allow us to track the slightest changes in the rules for application and processing of the documents. Long-term cooperation with government organizations helps us to confidently keep up with all the updates.

Cost of company formation in Germany for a foreigner

Every case is unique. Everything depends on your individual situation. On its complexity. For example, the shareholders live in different countries — it is one situation. A foreign company acts as the shareholder — it is a completely different situation.

Even notary fees for company formation in Germany can differ threefold depending on whether there is one managing director or two.

We will be happy to prepare a personal offer for you based on your data. Please contact us to get it.

But approximately? The costs for company formation in Germany are comparable to participation in a German trade fair. But the return from an exhibition last for a maximum of a year, while a company can be profitable for decades. Especially if you get help not only with correct registration, but also with launching the whole business.

And if you take the risk of turning to less competent specialists? Losses from incorrect company formation in Germany can be many times higher than the cost of services. And closing a company costs 3 times more and takes 7 times longer than opening it.

Eliminate the risks at the very start!

Get complex support — powerful business assistance

Contact us to set up a company in Germany!


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