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Dominate the European Market
with Nexus-Europe GmbH

Company formation in Germany in just 2 days!

Get a company in Germany in just 2 days and conquer 28 European markets. Without any risks. Without any delays.

Email us right now to get a free consultation for starting a company in Germany : info@nexus-gmbh.biz

Setting up a company in Germany with Nexus  is absolutely crucial if:

You want to conquer the European market and sell your product to 28 countries from one single location. No borders. No customs duties.

You are tired of wasting thousands of euros for promotion in Europe and getting single sales in return. More than 97% of European distributors work only with products that can be bought from a European importer.

You want to eliminate your competitors. Give European buyers an opportunity to purchase your products in Germany – and they will never go to your competitors who don’t have representation in Europe.

Your products require CE certification and you don’t have an authorized representative? Or you are just sick of depending on the importer? Then setting up a company in Germany is absolutely crucial. This liberates you forever from the dictatorship of third parties.

You want to assure a secure future for yourself and your family. Getting a residence permit and even German citizenship through starting a business in Germany is possible! Nexus’ CEO is living proof of that.

Why Nexus is the ideal choice for company formation in Germany

1) Maximum saving of your time

We have a smoothly running work scheme. That is why for company registration in Germany your personal attendance in Germany is only needed for 2 days. We take care of all the organizational matters. Take a look at the main steps of company formation in Germany.

2) We lead you to the right goal

Setting up a company in Germany to get a residence permit or citizenship and company formation for conquering the European market are two different things. Each requires a different approach.

Before starting a company registration in Germany our prime marketing experts and business consultants develop a strategy. Certified Project Management Professionals with many years of experience bring the strategy together. We carry out double supervision of the project execution, monitor the risks and make adjustments. Thus, on all stages of opening a company in Germany the strategy always stays optimized. Because of this you are protected from unpleasant surprises.

3) Is it easy for a foreigner to reach great heights in Europe?

We’ve done it. Nexus’ CEO Dr. Mamkina  traveled that path 15 years ago. We will protect you from mistakes, losses and disappointments. We met Doctors of Law who needed to call civil-law notaries to understand the process of setting up a company in Germany. And they issued four-digit invoices for their consultations. We dealt with notaries who made 4 mistakes in a single company formation contract. We dealt with realtors who cheat you just because you are a foreigner. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in Germany, just like anywhere else.

That is the reason why we, having become a headline player in the European market, protect our customers from dreadful experiences. We’ve gathered a team of leading specialists, every one of whom is an ace in their field. Our working conditions are transparent. The price for opening a company in Germany is fixed. It does not depend on the number of emails written or hours of work. When setting up a company we implement double checking of all documents.

The quality of our work and business ethics have earned us the support of the European and American governments. You are benefiting from our outstanding connections and experience.

4) When starting a company in Germany we guarantee quality and compliance with international standards

All stages of starting a company in Germany are guided by Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). This guarantees an accurate and effective execution of projects of any difficulty: from opening a company in Germany to constructing a factory with 1700 workers. Expertise in over 47 knowledge areas, continuing education in the field of modern standards of project management PMI PMBOK®, ongoing practical work experience in project management, and strict compliance with the PMI ethics guidelines guarantee efficiency and security to the clients. This is what distinguishes PMPs from regular project managers.

Opening a company in Germany is an expensive nightmare? 

Never with Nexus. Specially for you we developed 3 packages for company formation in Germany. Each of them can be supplemented according to your personal needs and wishes. Need only company registration in Germany? Or full support such as a business address in Germany, opening a bank account in Germany and accounting services? 

Initial consultation for opening a company in Germany is always free of charge.  Contact us right now to select the most efficient solutions for you.