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safe and reliable bridge to Germany

Doing Business in Germany

even more beneficial during Covid-19

Coronavirus ruined your business? Uncertain about your future and the safety of your family? Income dropped while expenses are crushing down on you like a tsunami? Get out of the crisis effectively. Open a business in Germany right here and right now!

Watch this vide to learn why and how doing business in Germany during the Corona brings you to Triumph.

1. Why doing business in Germany now is an effective way to get out of the crisis

What other country protects the businesses the way Germany did?

353 bln euros* of budget funds were allocated to support companies and employees. The amount of guarantees is 819 bln euros*. This is a tremendous help to the companies that are registered in Germany.

Just the small businesses received immediate gratis support from the German government in the amount of 50 bln euros*. The money does not have to be paid back. This is a great support to German companies to cover their operational costs during the Coronavirus time.

If the employee’s working hours are temporarily cut, the government compensates 60-80% of the net pay loss. This enables affected companies to keep their employees even in the event of a loss of orders. So they can keep doing business without interruption.

Germany has proven the reliability and protection of the business even when companies all over the world are crumbling and there are mass dismissals. Think: what country are clients from all over the world eager to do business with? By how many times will your credibility increase when you open a business in Germany?

2. Why Coronavirus gives new business opportunities

Any crisis gives opportunities. Many global brands made their names and earned billions exactly during crises of previous years. For example Microsoft (1975), Apple (1975, 2001), Netflix (1997, 2020?) shot ahead during terrible economical times. However only the smartest and initiative ones see the opportunities. Those who think outside the box and invest effort in new prospects. The crisis cruelly smashes those who keep waiting and clinging to old work schemes.

Opening a business in Germany in conditions of Covid-19 opens new horizons for you. Let competitors bury their business by putting decisions on hold. Your task is to take a new niche. Start doing business right here and right now. Because of our Nexus Dominate technology, you enter the German and European market comfortably and effectively.

3. Why Corona gives an opportunity of doing business remotely

During the lockdown almost every country learned to work remotely. The regular face-to-face schemes are broken. Now you can run your German company from India, Dubai or even from Antarctica. You save on rent and operational costs. In many cases, you can become the managing director even if you don’t have a German or a European residency.

Need local employees and qualified specialists for doing business in Germany? Germany’s best experts are available to work with you on even more beneficial conditions than before the Corona.

4. How to establish a business in Germany in the conditions of Corona

Nexus’ experts developed and successfully implemented a solution that allows to fully establish the business without your personal arrival in Germany. Remote company formation with our solution is possible in 9 out of 10 cases.

The risks of doing business in Germany are minimized because all the projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) in strict accordance with the international PMI PMBOK® standards. In 2012, the PMP credential was ranked as the top certification by CIO and in 2015 as the #4 certification by Global Knowledge**. Practical skills on how to identify, mitigate and control risks are mandatory for getting the status of a PMP.

Contact us to find out how we can assist you with setting up a business in Germany in your specific case: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

5. Why our solutions are optimal for overcoming and growing in the crisis

All high-strategical projects for doing business in Germany are run under personal control of Dr. Mamkina. During 20 years of work she and her team shared their experience with more than 7000 customers from 83 countries. She is a holder of a PhD in Game Theory and a Master’s degree in Economics. Two presidents and 5 Nobel laureates who became world leaders are graduates of the same university.

The works of Dr. Mamkina were presented at conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureates Dr. John Nash, Dr. Roger Myerson and Dr. Robert Aumann.

The importance of game theory in developing strategies and optimal decision making is a proven fact. Since 1970, 12 leading economists have received the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for their significant contributions to Game Theory. In the situation of uncertainty, strategical thinking is the key to developing new opportunities and finding optimal solutions, especially when it comes to doing business in Germany. Therefore we are an optimal partner for establishing your business in Europe in hard and uncertain times like now.

Dr. Mamkina put together a team of experts from Germany and Europe. Every member of the team is an ace in marketing, business law, psychology, Project Management and applied mathematics. Nexus staff is a regular participant of significant networking events that such important guests as Nobel Prize winners, ministers, senators and even presidents frequently visit. That is why you get up-to-date solutions when doing business in Germany with us. Our team of experts works as precise as a Swiss watch because all the projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals.

Stop missing opportunities and waiting when Corona ruins all prospects! Benefit from the situation: take new niches, multiply your income and dominate the European market!

Contact us right now to learn how to benefit from establishing and doing business in Germany.

Email us: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

In most of the cases we can open a business even without your personal arrival in Germany.

* - source Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany

** - source Wikipedia

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