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safe and reliable bridge to Germany

German investor visa.

Residence permit in Germany through § 21 AufenthG for business investors and self-employed

Fear being refused a German residence permit? Confused by various offers of immigration lawyers? Protect yourself from refusal of the German investor visa and residence permit. The risk of rejection is minimized because of the 5-step Nexus Smart Immigrate Technology of application documents preparation. It was developed especially for investors and entrepreneurs who are willing to get a visa and residence permit in Germany.

Get a package of application documents for a residence permit as investor or a self-employed. Without stress. Without overpaying.

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5 reasons why Nexus is the ideal choice for documents preparation for the German investor visa and residence permit as a self-employed:

I. The risk of refusal is minimized because of the Nexus Smart Immigrate Technology

It is a complex approach to the preparation, finalization and approval of the documents. Nexus Smart Immigrate Technology was developed by Premium class experts: Doctors of Law, economists with support of government officials. Founder and CEO of Nexus-Europe, Dr. Mamkina, has got not only the residence permit for business but also the German citizenship.

The documents preparation for the residence permit as a self-employed person goes through 5 stages:

  1. Analysis of the client’s situation, adjustment of all the requirements to the business plan and economic activity according to the client’s individual situation. Carried out by an expert lawyer and a leading economist.

  2. Preparation of the business plan, business concept, capital requirement plan, financing plan, revenue forecast, curriculum vitae. Carried out by Nexus-Europe GmbH leading economists.

  3. Preparation and notarization of the formation documents (GmbH or UG). Carried out by German lawyers.

  4. Review of the documents by our special counsel. This person has decades of experience in dealing with business plans for this purpose and has close knowledge of the criteria that are most important to the decision making government officials.

  5. Adjustment of the documents.

All stages of documents preparation for German residence permit as a self-employed and investor visa are guided under personal control of Dr. Mamkina. She is a Certified Project Management Professional and received the German citizenship for business. She regularly participates in significant European economic events where Nobel laureates, ministers and even presidents are frequent guests.

Watch this video to see for yourself how we carry out the application for the German self-employment visa:

II. What makes us different from immigration lawyers and business plan writers in Germany

Unlike most immigration lawyers and regular business plan writing services in Germany, we have a complex method: lawyers, economists and business consultants all work on your project side by side. Smoothness of all project stages is reached because all projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) in strict accordance with international PMI PMBOK® standards.

Thus we understand and communicate to the government officials all benefits of your business. No need to waste your time explaining economical terms. We develop documents that clearly show your competitive advantages and the economic interest of your business for Germany, explaining why it has a positive impact on the economy and therefore why the residence permit and visa must be issued to you. Besides we register the company in Germany for you on a turnkey basis not only to get a residence permit and visa as investor, but help you start a successful business in Germany.

Beware: business plan writing services in Germany are often limited to entering the data into the software without taking the goal of getting a residence permit for business into account. A business plan for attracting investments and a business plan for getting a residence permit are two very different things. Not understanding that often leads to failure in getting the residence permit and even a German visa for entrepreneurs.

III. Premium class specialists but at an affordable price

Preparation of the application documents for the German residence permit as a self-employed is led only by premium level specialists. Among them are Doctors of Economics, Law, Mathematics and certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). They are constantly improving and renewing their knowledge and contacts. Our contacts and experience make the preparation of your German residence application smooth and running your business in Germany unbeatable.

Unlike other premium class consulting companies, our prices are affordable even for owners of small and medium sized enterprises. We work efficiently and with no down time. The tasks of each specialist are assigned at the project planning stage. Everyone keeps to the specific instructions for their job. As soon as one step is successfully finished we proceed to the next one without delay. Without wasting the resources.

IV. Working with us is beneficial and comfortable

You save up to 6 months of your time. That’s how long it takes to search for information and insurances, arrange the company registration and start a business in Germany. We will register a company in Germany for you and recommend specialists: Nexus approved accounting and tax adviser companies, health insurance brokers. You get English, German or Russian speaking support at all stages of the projects. We will develop and implement an effective strategy of entering the German and European market. With us you save up to 80% of your operating budget.

V. Only proven solutions for getting a residence in Germany as a self-employed and investor

Nexus management uses their own experience in Germany and getting German citizenship for business. It gives our clients an undeniable advantage over document preparation by theoreticians who have never travelled this path themselves.

We know the whole process of not only getting a residence as entrepreneurs, but establishing a successful business in Germany. We know traps and dangers that a foreigner will surely meet. We will save you from unnecessary spendings and disappointment when getting a residence in Germany as well as on all stages of opening a business there. Nexus contacts and experience make our customers unbeatable players in the German and European market.

Contact us today to get an individual solution for your German investor visa and residence as a self-employed person.

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