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Knowledge Base for German Market

In our Knowledge Base you will find useful information on the German market with its ins and outs, important regulations, company types, and useful tips for doing business in Germany. The topic of entering and expanding in the German and European markets will be explained in simple, understandable language. Just clear facts and key points instead of complicated legal terms.

The section is being completed with new articles that include important and useful information for business owners. If you have any questions about German and European markets, please feel free to contact us.

UG vs GmbH

Many foreign and German entrepreneurs, who are wiling to start small or medium size business, are choosing between UG and GmbH company forms. This article explains the difference between GmbH and UG and gives criteria to choose the optimal legal company form. Read here...

Immigration to Germany

There are several legal options when it comes to immigration to Germany. In this article we will review the main types and requirements for immigration. Read the article to select your suitable way of immigrating to Germany. Read here...

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