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Knowledge Base for German Market

Welcome to our knowledge base! It's your one-stop resource for practical insights on starting a business, moving to, working, and living in Germany. Discover valuable tips, avoid common pitfalls, and gain the know-how to make your journey in Germany a success. 

Each section provides expert advice, guides and lessons learned. We explain complicated  matters in understandable language. 

Business Setup and Legalities in Germany

UG vs GmbH. Many entrepreneurs are choosing between UG and GmbH company forms. This article explains the difference between GmbH and UG and gives criteria to choose the optimal legal company form.

Company registration in Germany -10 challenges for a foreignerKey hidden traps and challenges that foreign entrepreneurs encounter on their path to company registration in Germany. A must-read for foreign entrepreneurs before starting the company formation process.

How to register a company in Germany. Step by step guide. 

How to chose a company name correctly. About 9 out of 10 our clients struggle with selecting a company name in Germany that would be accepted by the German authorities. See the main requirements to company names in Germany and the main mistakes to avoid.

Types of self-employment in Germany. There is a lot of confusion, when it comes to the topic of being a self-employed (Selbstständiger) or a freelancer in Germany (Freiberufler). From this article you will the differences.

Beware! Scammers in Germany. Watch our video to learn about scammers in Germany and other schemes that you need to to be aware before starting a business in Germany.

Checklist after company formation. Learn about crucial steps to take after registering a company in Germany to avoid fines and legal issues.

Permits and monitored business activities. Understand which business activities in Germany require permits and which are so-called “monitored” activities. 

European and German trademark. Explore trademark essentials, when and why you need one. Learn about European and German trademark registration, with tips to avoid refusals.

Don't Make These 7 Mistakes when starting a business in Germany. Discover the pitfalls companies often encounter during the startup process.

Who should NOT open a business in Germany. Check before starting. Identify who should refrain from opening a business in Germany. 

Taxation for Businesses in Germany. Navigate the complexities of taxation in Germany, covering corporate tax, trade tax, VAT, payroll, and more. This article and video break down the crucial aspects of GmbH and UG taxes.

Kleinunternehmen Regulation. Discover how this special tax rule exempts small businesses from VAT charges and monthly VAT returns.

Business Development and Opportunities

25 small business ideas for Germany. Practical small business ideas tailored to the unique opportunities and challenges of the German market.

Profitable Business Ideas for Germany. 7 profitable business ideas for Germany in 2024.

7 top business ideas in Germany. What businesses are in demand in Germany. There are a lot of different niches and business ideas in Germany for entrepreneurs to choose from. 

How to start a trading company in Germany. From this article you will learn how to start trading with EU customers, how to establish an own import-export business in Germany and what it gives you.

How to start an e-commerce business in Germany. What is required to start an e-commerce business (online store) in Germany and what you should consider and pay attention to.

How to produce in Germany under a private label. What types of private labeling exist, how it will benefit you and why it is wise to start such a business in Germany now.

How to open a travel agency in Germany. Important things that you have to do with opening a travel agency in Germany.

How to start an IT business in Germany. From this article you will learn which of IT businesses are the most requested in Germany. And how to start an IT company in Germany.

How to start a transportation business in Germany. What is required for starting a transportation business in Germany, in what case you need a permit and what you should pay attention to.

How to establish an employment business. In this article we explain what permits are required to start an employment business in Germany and steps to establish a ready-to-operate business.

How to open a shop in Germany. Special aspects one needs to pay attention to when opening a shop in Germany.

How to open a restaurant in Germany. How to start a restaurant in Germany and which permits your will need.

4 Cost-Cutting Strategies for Hiring in GermanyDiscover the smart ways to optimize your staffing and business strategy, save costs, and enhance your business operations in Germany.

How to Surpass your German competitors.  Learn game-changing advantages that set foreign entrepreneurs apart from local competitors.

5 ways to find employees in Germany. From this article you will learn where you can look for staff in Germany and what the advantages and disadvantages of these possible options are.

How to write a job ad in Germany. Learn the essentials of crafting a job ad in Germany and discover what to avoid in this article.

Berlin as a business location. Why should you choose Berlin for business? Explore the advantages of choosing the capital as your business location. Discover why Berlin stands out for entrepreneurs with its numerous business-friendly benefits.

Hamburg as a location for  Import-Export business (article from 2020). Planning a trade business in Europe? Not sure which German city to open the company in? Take a closer look at Hamburg. Here is why. 

Immigration, Visas and Documentation

5 Top mistakes that lead to rejection of a German residence permit as a self-employedFatal mistakes that lead to rejection of a German residence permit as a self-employed. 

FAQ: German residence permit as a self-employed. Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the self-employed visa in Germany.

German permanent residence and German citizenship. In this article we explain the difference between the German residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship. We also explain the requirements.

German Blue Card: Pro & Cons, requirements and how to get EU Blue Card in Germany. Understand the main Blue Card Germany benefits and drawbacks, Blue Card requirements in Germany and how to apply for the Blue Card. 

Main Pros of Business immigration to Germany. Many entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to ensure themselves and their families a safe future in Germany. How? In this article and video we will tell about the main pros of business immigration to Germany.

German freelance visa (Visum für Freiberufler). The main requirements for a residence permit for freelance people in Germany, what documents you need for the application and how to apply for the freelance visa in Germany.

Main types of residence permits in Germany (as per 2022). There are several legal options when it comes to immigration to Germany. In this article we will review the main types and requirements for immigration. Select your suitable way of immigrating to Germany.

Job seeker visa in Germany (as per 2021). Discover the eligibility criteria, application process, and requirements for the Job Seeker Visa in Germany. This visa allows you to search for employment in Germany.

German business visa - full guide. Full guide on how to get the german business visa. We cover two cases: applying for the business visa when being invited by a German partner and when being an owner of a company in Germany.

German Schengen visa. You will learn who needs a Schengen visa, what Schengen visa types there are, for what purposes a visa to Germany can be obtained and how to get the German Schengen visa for up to 5 years.

How to prepare for your move to Germany. Checklist. Preparing for your move to Germany? This checklist covers the crucial steps and legal requirements for your initial weeks.

German health insurance for foreigners. Explore German health insurance for foreigners in this article and video, focusing on the specific insurance type relevant to self-employed individuals and freelancers.

Document preparation for official authorities in Germany. Do it correctly. Understand the rules for preparing official documents when applying for visas and permits in Germany.

Regulated professions in Germany. Unsure if your foreign qualification needs "Anerkennung"? Watch our video for key insights on regulated professions.

How to check if your diploma is recognised in Germany. Step by step guide. Learn how to verify the recognition of foreign diplomas in Germany using the ANABIN website.

Work in Germany

How to find a job in Germany. The main places where you can look for a job in a German company being a foreign specialist.

Ideal German CV format. If you’re applying for a job in Germany, your CV needs to be prepared according to the German standards. 

4 Solutions for IT specialists how to get a job in Germany.  Includes alternative to being hired for a job in Germany for IT professionals. Other highly qualified specialists could find the solutions applicable to their situation as well.

Top 10 Aspects of German Work Culture. Work culture varies from country to country. From this article you will learn about the German work culture and what makes it different and special.

Work Life Balance in Germany. Germany values the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. Learn how Germans manage to find that perfect work-life balance.

Living and Lifestyle in Germany

7 myths about life in Germany. Explore this article to uncover the truth about living in Germany and determine if it's your ideal destination!

10 Challenges Foreigner WILL Face in GermanyDiscover the realities of moving to Germany and prepare for a transformative experience!

How expensive is living in Germany? Learn about the living costs in Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. You’ll also be able to calculate the living expenses in Germany for any other city yourself using the formula we provide in this video.

How to cut living costs in Germany. From this article, you will learn how to save in Germany.

How to rent an apartment in Germany. Guide and tips on how to find an affordable apartment in Germany and how to increase your chances of finding it quickly.

8 advantages of living in Berlin. Many people from all over the world choose living in Berlin for many reasons. Let’s take a look at them one by one. 

Сost of living in Berlin: living expenses + saving tips (as per 2021). From this article and video you will learn how much money one actually need to live in Berlin.


Secret Sauce of Indian Entrepreneurs in Germany. Why Indians have a great chance of success when starting a business in Germany. Nuances they should consider to make the process smoother and avoid miscommunication.

EU Blue Card for Indians. Learn how to get an EU Blue Card in Germany as an Indian highly skilled worker. 

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