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Business Immigration

8 reasons to move to Germany through business

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Everyone wants to make progress and reach new heights in their life. Many entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to ensure themselves and their families a safe future in Germany. How? By doing business in Germany and moving to Germany by means of the so-called business immigration. It has a special place among the ways of moving to this European country (such as the employment visa, the EU Blue Card etc.). We’ve already reviewed the main types of immigration in one of our previous videos. And today it’s time to talk about the main pros of business immigration to Germany.

It is our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, that helps business immigrants apply for the German residency by investment and get settled in Germany quickly and safely. In Germany, citizenship by investment might also be possible with a right approach.

What is business immigration (German residency by investment) and how to realize it?

What’s often called business immigration (or German entrepreneur visa) is immigration to Germany for the Self-employed according to Section 21 of the Residence Act.

This immigration option allows you to get a residence permit in Germany (German residency by investment) and not depend on any employers. Because you can get this type of residence permit being a self-employed. The definition of a self-employed person that can apply for a residence permit according to Section 21 of the Residence Act is quite complex. Simply put, to be eligible for it you need to be either a sole trader or an owner of a German company who owns at least 50% of the shares and also is the managing director of this company.

There are following preconditions for business immigration to Germany:

  • You have a business in another country and are opening a subsidiary in Germany,

  • You are opening a new business in Germany, or

  • You are buying a share in an already existing business in Germany.

At the same time, the business needs to meet a number of requirements for the entrepreneur to stay in the country. You can find detailed information on those requirements and also misconceptions that foreigners have when thinking about business immigration to Germany one of our previous videos.

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Watch this video to learn about 8 advantages of business immigration to Germany:

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention this type of immigration to Germany as one of the safest. The main advantages of business immigration to Germany are:

1. No need to search for an employer.

Getting a residence permit for employment in Germany is hard, so an employment visa as a means of getting the German residence permit is an almost unachievable goal. Having chosen business immigration to Germany, you don’t have to look for an employer to hire you. You are your own employer.

2. No risk of getting fired.

Both the employment visa and the EU Blue Card make the immigrant absolutely dependent on the employer. If you lose your job, you are given only a short amount of time to find a new one. With business immigration and getting the German residency by investment you don’t have to constantly think about getting fired and being deported from the country if you don’t find another job.

3. No requirements to the investment volume.

In many countries there is a specified volume of investments that is required to open a business. For example, in England it amounts to 200 000 pounds. However, starting from 2012, for setting up a business in Germany there are no requirements to the minimum of investments. Important is that you plan to open a business that is beneficial for the country. Check out our video to learn what requirements there are to the business, so that you may apply for a residence permit as a self-employed (or the so-called German entrepreneur visa).

4. No requirements to the number of employees.

By the German law, you are not required to hire a minimum number of employees for your business to apply for the German entrepreneur visa. This means that you can start off as a sole trader. However you shouldn’t forget that Germany’s competent authorities pay close attention to how the new business affects the current employment situation. Meaning that you need to show a constant expansion of your team and staff by creating new jobs. In Germany, residency by investment implies such tricky aspects as this.

5. Saving on social fees.

A self-employed person may not pay social security contributions, saving up to 10,5% of the income.

6. Opportunity of moving to Germany with your family.

In general, the spouse of the foreign entrepreneur as well as their children under 18 are also eligible to apply for a residence permit. However it is important that your income is high enough to cover the living expenses of the whole family in Germany.

7. Opportunity of getting government support.

If your business, idea or product is beneficial for Germany, you may count on government support. In this regard you need to consider many factors. However when contacting our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, for a consultation on the German entrepreneur visa you can be sure that you’ll find your niche in the market. If your project is beneficial for Germany, we can assist you with participation in government programs, incentives, financing, technology transfer. In Germany, residency by investment can be very beneficial.

8. Great opportunities for cooperation and development.

Any German company (and your company will be one of them) can do business across the whole EU. So 27 European countries are open for you — without fees, borders and restrictions.

A lot can be said about the advantages of business immigration. In Germany, residency by investment is a real way to become independent and successful. Use our services and see for yourself how beneficial this offer is. With the right approach and preparation, even German citizenship by investment is a real prospect.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, has developed special packages for entrepreneurs who intend to get a German entrepreneur visa. With them, the risk of rejection is minimized because of our 5-step Nexus Smart Immigrate Technology. It is a complex approach to estimation, finalization and approval of the business concept and other documents. The Nexus Smart Immigrate Technology was developed by premium-class experts: experienced lawyers, economists and with informational support of competent authorities. It makes the process of company formation in Germany and applying for the German residency by investment maximally smooth for foreign entrepreneurs.

You just need to contact us, and we will help you turn your dream about moving to an advanced country into reality.

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