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Diploma recognition in Germany

Anerkennung in Deutschland

Many foreigners would like to move to Germany to work here and enjoy a lot of benefits of living in this country. However they are often faced with the question if their higher education diploma would be enough to apply for a certain job or continue their education in Germany. The matter of diploma recognition in Germany (Anerkennung in Deutschland) is really relevant for many people.

In the below video, we are going to tell you how you can check if your foreign higher education diploma is recognized in Germany using the ANABIN website.

If you have a university degree issued in another country, outside of Germany, and want to work in Germany, you might need a confirmation that your foreign degree is recognized in Germany or comparable to a German degree. For example, such a confirmation would be needed if you apply for a German Blue Card or a job seeker visa in Germany as well as in other cases. And, of course, there is a way to check your degree or diploma recognition in Germany and also get an official Statement of Comparability (Zeugnisbewertung).

There is a special portal developed by the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen or ZAB) — ANABIN. It can be used to check the recognition of foreign qualifications in Germany, recognition of foreign universities (ANABIN H+) and to get information on how to obtain the Statement of Comparability (section ZAB Zeugnisbewertung).

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Watch our detailed instruction about diploma recognition in Germany (Anerkennung in Deutschland) and using the ANABIN databank:

Now you know how to use ANABIN to check if your degree is recognized in Germany (ZAB Anerkennung) and get a Statement of Comparability (Zeugnisbewertung).

Don’t want to spend time checking your diploma recognition in Germany and learning how to get an official Statement (section ZAB Zeugnisbewertung) yourself? Contact our company Nexus-Europe GmbH. Our specialists will help you find out if your university degree or diploma is recognized in Germany. We will also help you prepare the documents to apply for the German Blue Card.

In one of our previous articles and videos we told you about such an important option of immigrating to Germany as the EU Blue Card, its advantages and how to get it. The EU Blue Card is one of the fastest ways for highly qualified specialists to get a permanent residence permit in Germany. However one of the mandatory requirements for obtaining a Blue Card is your foreign university diploma being recognized in Germany (ZAB Anerkennung).

Our company Nexus-Europe GmbH will help you correctly prepare the package of documents required to apply for the German Blue Card. And those who don’t want to depend on an employer we’ll help open their own business in Germany. Please get in touch with us!

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