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EU Blue Card for Indians

Germany is in need of qualified specialists in many fields. This was also stated by the Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz during his recent visit to India in February 2023. He declared that the Federal Government is focused on creating the legal requirements and simplifying the visa issuing process for foreign specialists to enable them easier immigration to Germany, from India in particular. In this article we are going to tell you about the recent requirements for the EU Blue Card for Indian and other citizens as of 2023 and also what options are available if you have no job offer in Germany.

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German Blue Card for Indian specialists

What is the EU Blue Card? It is a residence permit issued to highly qualified foreign specialists. EU Blue Card for Indians allows you to obtain a permanent residence permit in Germany after 33 months or 21 months with a language certificate with a level not lower than B1. This is one of the fastest ways to get the German permanent residence. You can find out more about the benefits of the German Blue Card and the application procedure in one of our previous articles.

EU Blue Card for Indians: requirements

What are the requirements for obtaining the EU Blue Card for Indian and other citizens in 2023? Let’s see.

  1. Having a German degree or a foreign degree that is recognized in Germany or is comparable to a German degree.

  2. Having an employment contract or a binding job offer.

  3. Your employment must match your qualification.

  4. And, as of 2023, having a minimum gross salary of 43 800 euro per year (or 39 682,80 euro per year for understaffed professions).

Although it seems quite simple, in practice it isn’t easy to get a job offer from a German company. What other options of getting the German Blue Card for Indians are there? For example, if you open a company in Germany with a business partner and have a small percentage of shares in it, so aren’t considered a self-employed, then the company may hire you. In this case you may be able to apply for the Blue Card. However please note that all requirements still have to be fulfilled to make immigration to Germany from India possible.

What if you don’t fit the conditions of the Germany Blue Card for Indians? Don't worry. If you have entrepreneurial experience and are ready to invest in your business in Germany, our company can help you open a successful business in Germany and obtain a residence permit as a self-employed.

We have detailed articles about different options of getting residence permits for IT specialists, both as self-employed and through Blue Card, as well as other useful information about residence permits in Germany.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, provides turn-key solutions: from establishing a company to launching a ready-to-operate business. We can also assist you with obtaining the German residence permit because of business or through the EU Blue Card. Since all projects are guided by certified Project Management professionals (PMPs) you get a working business in Germany and ensured quality of performance. On time and on budget.

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