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Germany for Indians

Secret Sauce of Indian Entrepreneurs in Germany

Many Indian entrepreneurs wish to do business in Germany and benefit from many advantages the country has to offer. In this article we're going to summarize why Indians have a great chance of success when starting a business in Germany. And we'll also talk about the nuances they should consider to make the process smoother and avoid miscommunication in Germany for Indians.

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Germany for Indians: reasons why Indians have a great chance to succeed

Let's see why Indian entrepreneurs stand a good chance of success when starting a business in Germany and what they should pay attention to at that.

  1. Good at trading. Historically, trading and commerce have always played an important role in the development of India as a country. To this day, India is one of the world's biggest exporters of precious and semi-precious stones, rice, spices and other products. Indian entrepreneurs do have a knack for sales, which can be a great advantage for doing business in Germany for Indians. What Indian businesses in Germany need to pay special attention to in this regard are various European regulations and certifications when exporting products to Germany. For example, the necessity of obtaining the EORI number, International Import Certificate (IEB), CE certification etc. We have a detailed article on what is required to open an import-export company in Germany.

  2. Qualified in IT field. Thanks to solid governmental support and a strong educational system, India trains a lot of highly qualified IT specialists. Various IT services and products are in high demand so this is a very promising business direction for Indians in Germany. But please note that since 2018 EU countries adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). All IT products or services intended for private consumers in Germany have to be GDPR-compliant. The requirements are strict and complicated, and there are fines for non-compliance, so you should be careful. Make sure to check out our previous article on opening an IT business in Germany.

  3. English language skills. The Indian university education system is mostly English-based. This means that usually Indian specialists are fluent in English, which is especially relevant for the IT field and the international community of Berlin and thus gives a big advantage to Indian entrepreneurs in Germany. However you shouldn't forget that Germany is a German-speaking country. In many cities people don't usually speak English and also the communication with authorities is always in German only. This may be a challenging aspect of business and life in Germany for Indians.

  4. Digital marketing skills. Digital marketing has never been as important as now, and Indian specialists have a great advantage in this regard. But, as we mentioned earlier, you shouldn't forget about the GDPR and making sure that the services of your Indian business in Germany are compliant with it.

  5. Determination and hard work. Indian people are indeed very determined. Being used to having to work hard for things, they don't give up until they reach their goal. This is an excellent quality for business that can be put to good use by Indian entrepreneurs in Germany. However, due to differences in mindsets, such qualities might sometimes be understood wrongly by Germans. Thus an important piece of advice in Germany for Indians: to avoid miscommunication, it is crucial to take the German culture and way of thinking into account.

  6. New ideas and creativity. Representing a different cultural and historical background, Indian entrepreneurs have fresh, non-trivial ideas that Germans often wouldn't come up with. This gives Indian entrepreneurs in Germany the opportunity to offer new solutions and fill open market niches. At the same time, Germany is a very conservative country. You should be ready that your ideas might not always be appreciated right away. Don't be discouraged and keep believing in yourself. Just like the invention of the electric light bulb was disregarded by many at first, your idea might need time for people to see its true potential.

  7. Community and support. Indian communities in other countries provide great support to fellow Indians when it comes to integration as well as business. That is a strong point in Germany for Indians. Of course, integration with local Germans is also an important part of the process that shouldn't be neglected.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, assists foreigners with establishing their own successful business in Germany, connecting them with the German and European business world. We can also assist you with obtaining the German residence permit because of business.

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