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Moving to Berlin

Berlin as a business location

Today thousands of people strive to move to Germany in search of a better life. This desire is absolutely understandable because many countries still can’t be considered a perfect place for life and efficient development. Сorruption, sanctions, minimal support from the state — all this forces people to look for a better place for doing business and moving.

Based on the many years of experience of Nexus-Europe GmbH, Germany is great place to move to and make business in. In particular, doing business in Berlin and living in Berlin gives you a lot of benefits. Today we will tell you why moving to Berlin is the perfect option in many cases.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, has first-hand experience with the specifics of doing business in Germany, and Berlin in particular. We know all the nuances of choosing Berlin for business and provide a wide range of services from assistance in starting a small trading company to building global manufactures, help you obtain German residence permits. If you are interested in setting up a company in Germany, business immigration or getting an EU Blue Card, please contact us.

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Why should you choose Berlin for business?

People often aim to open a business in the capital of the country, so moving to Berlin for this purpose make a lot of sense. Berlin really has a lot of advantages for doing business. Here are some of most important ones of them:

1. Advantageous geographical location of Berlin

All major cities of the country, as well as Europe, are located approximately at the same distance from the capital, which enables a comfortable interaction with partners in other places, even having an international business in Berlin. And if you still have a business or relatives in another country, there are flights from Berlin to most of the countries in the world. Thus, choosing Berlin for business purposes is a great decision and moving to Berlin will not cut you off from your business and family left in another country.

Watch our video on why moving to Berlin for business is a great solution:

2. The largest market for goods and services

Berlin is a huge metropolis and there is a demand for everything. 3.5 million people are ready to consume any goods if they meet the required standards. And also add hundreds of thousands of tourists that come to the city.

3. Tremendous networking opportunities in Berlin for business

Do you want to become a part of the German political and economic community? Stay up to date with innovations and trends? Have the opportunity to exchange opinions with key figures in Germany? Then Berlin is your city.

The Federal Government and Federal Parliament, major Ministries: Finance, Foreign, Economic Affairs and Energy, Labour and Social Affairs, Environment, Food and Agriculture, Economic Cooperation and Development, Health, Transport and Digital Infrastructure, Education and Research to name just a few —are all based in Berlin. Embassies and diplomatic representatives from all over the world are also based in Berlin.

This gives companies located in Berlin an access to business and political networking, opportunity to participate in important industrial and economical events and become an active part of the German society. Choosing Berlin for business and moving to Berlin open up great prospects for those who are on the lookout for new opportunities.

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4. International city

Many excellent multi-lingual specialists and skilled workers are available for your business in Berlin. The proportion of inhabitants with foreign roots is now 35%. People from 190 countries live in Berlin. Moreover Berlin is focused on attracting highly skilled specialists from all over the world.

However if you intend to bring your own highly qualified specialist to work in Berlin, our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, will help you apply for the EU Blue Card  for your employee to make moving to Berlin possible for them. Please contact us. This Card serves as a residence permit in Germany for highly skilled workers and makes it possible to legally hire foreign professionals.

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5. High living standards when moving to Berlin

This factor has nothing to do with choosing Berlin for business, but it is decisive for immigration to Germany. We all want to earn more in order to live a full life, use all the services of a modern state, be able to travel and buy good things. And Berlin is a great place to have a new beginning. See our article and video about living in Berlin.

The list can go on and on. If you are interested in moving to Berlin and starting a business here, we are waiting for you at Nexus-Europe GmbH. We help entrepreneurs from all over the world open their successful businesses in Germany and move to this advanced European country. If your project turns out to be beneficial for Germany, we will help you obtain a German residence permit through business immigration. Because of our cooperation with government structures and business associations, we can help you become a real member of the German business and cultural society. You just need to contact us, and we will help you turn your dream of moving to an advanced country into reality.

What is the best business to open in Berlin?

In Berlin, there are a lot of niches for an entrepreneur to choose from. You may start an international business in Berlin or settle upon having a local business. However one should keep in mind that some areas are especially important for the state and thanks to them you can not only quickly get all the necessary permits, but also enjoy a lot of benefits from the state. Choosing an area that is considered beneficial for the city also improves your chances for successfully moving to Berlin through business immigration. In our next articles and videos, we will tell you what business areas are the most important for Berlin.

Nexus-Europe GmbH is happy to assist you with company formation and developing your business in Germany and Berlin in particular, with business immigration and application for the EU Blue Card.

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