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Starting a business in Germany as a foreigner

Surpass your German competitors

Starting a business in Germany as a foreigner and entering the conservative German market used to be very tough for foreign entrepreneurs, but things have changed! Now businesses established by foreign entrepreneurs in Germany have many benefits over the native German companies. In this article, you will learn how the new immigration law positions you to outshine and surpass your German competitors. You will also discover how to reduce your operational costs and how to get other advantages as a foreign entrepreneur in Germany.

Our company, Nexus-Europe GmbH, assists foreigners with starting and developing their own business in Germany and moving to Germany through business. Over 20 years of operation we have helped more than 7000 customers.

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Now, let’s talk about the advantages you can have as a foreign entrepreneur in Germany.

1. Benefiting from Immigration Law Changes. Due to the lack of skilled labor in Germany, the government has introduced a new law that makes it easier for qualified workers from non-EU countries to come and work in Germany. This means that after registering a company in Germany, foreign business people can bring their own staff from their home country or hire talented professionals from abroad without facing too many bureaucratic hurdles.

This gives companies run by foreign owners a competitive edge over native German companies that are reluctant or unable to hire foreign workers due to integration and retention issues.

Of course, foreign business people must establish a company in Germany and adhere to all other compliance requirements. Check out our Knowledge Base for insights into different business models and legal aspects of business in Germany as a foreigner.

2. Lower labor costs. Some work can be done remotely, which means that when starting a business in Germany as a foreigner one can employ workers in their home country or other low-cost locations and reduce their labor costs and overheads. This can also lower the prices of their products or services, and make them more attractive to customers. Most German companies would not know how to get reliable staff or services abroad and would be afraid to try.

3. Larger market potential. A lot of foreigners are moving to Germany, thanks to the new immigration law. However, not all of them speak German, and not all Germans speak English. This creates a great market opportunity for business in Germany for foreigners. They can offer their products or services in other languages, such as their native language or English. They can cater to the needs and preferences of these customers who may not find suitable options at local companies.

4. New approaches and experiences. Foreign business people bring new ideas, perspectives and innovations to the German market, which may be too conservative or traditional for native German businesses. For example, foreign businesses can challenge the status quo and offer solutions that are more creative, efficient or effective. They can also leverage their cultural and personal experiences and connect with customers on a deeper level.

Our company Nexus-Europe GmbH offers the tailored Nobel Strategy, ensuring a seamless entry into the German and European markets for foreign entrepreneurs. This unique approach maximizes market entry effectiveness and enables cutting operational expenses. 

5. Benefiting from reputation of German quality. Many businesses can benefit from the German reputation of quality and reliability, especially when producing in Germany. This gives you a great advantage when starting a business in Germany as a foreigner. For example, products that are made in Germany can be sold at a 2-3 times higher price abroad than the same products produced locally. Foreign business people can take advantage of this, as they have the knowledge and access to their local market, which German companies may not have.

Foreign business people opening ventures in Germany are well-positioned to thrive in the evolving economic landscape. Leveraging the advantages of the new immigration laws, international talents and a global mindset, they can overcome challenges that local companies may face. And our company will help you on each and every stage of your journey. From strategy planning to full establishment of your business in Germany as a foreigner.

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