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safe and reliable bridge to Germany

Nobel Strategy

For goal-oriented foreign entrepreneurs to profit in the EU market

Establish a strong presence in the German and European markets! Take your niche! Without senseless risks or overpaying. Order the market entry Nobel Strategy.

The Nobel Strategy is maximally effective for you as a foreign entrepreneur if you are:

  • eager to distinguish yourself from competitors and strive to be number 1 in your niche

  • tired of losing clients because you don’t have a representation in the EU

  • intending to open a company in Germany but don’t know what permits and certifications you need to run a legal business, how much it will cost to operate a business and what risks and threats must be minimized

  • determined to have maximal effectiveness for your business in Europe

  • fed up with marketing experts and lawyers who offer yet another theoretical solution

  • Successful in your own country but aren’t sure how to make the maximum use of your experience and knowledge to succeed in the German and European market

Why the Nobel Strategy is effective

It was developed specifically for foreign medium- and small-sized enterprises. It maximizes the effectiveness of your German and European market entry without dramatic changes to the company structure. The strategy development is lead by Nexus premium level experts. The project is carried out under personal supervision of Dr. Mamkina.

See how we work:

1. We deeply explore the task as if it were our own project

We thoroughly and seriously study your goals. Losses of millions and even bankruptcy are a common result when companies make short-term decisions with no long-term strategy. This is why we take the client’s long-term goal as a basis and optimize all short-term stages to reach it. This is how great leaders like Alexander the Great and Nobel price winners like John Nash have created their strategies. And this is how we lead you to your goal.

2. We define the strong points of your product or service and cover your back on weaknesses

Together we study your main direct and indirect competitors and effectively distinguish you from them. For this we use the unique Nexus technology. It was developed specifically for foreign small- and medium-sized enterprises and is based on 20+ years of expereince and 81 bodies of knowledge.

3. Mitigate the risks

Lawyers check what licenses and permits are necessary for your type of activity. We estimate 3-5 different options for each strategy stage: for example, the cost of founding a company in Germany, operational expenses, certification, exhibition participation. Together we work out an optimal solution for your budget and goals. Only at this stage of the project many clients save up to 80% of their budget without any losses of the effectiveness.

4. Realistic and fullfillable

Did you know that many consulting companies have no practical experience? Can a person who has never gone through the whole bureaucracy as a foreigner really understand the needs of your business?

Why are Nexus’ solutions fullfillable? Our prime marketing experts define your niche, distinguish you from competitors and figure out strategic ways. Certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) bring the strategy together. To earn the prestigious PMP certificate it is mandatory to have years of practical experience in planning, implementing and controlling projects of all levels. Because of this the strategy is fullfillable.

5. You save on realization

Budgeting and resource planning is based on the offers of real suppliers. You get all their contacts together with the offers. This means that you can implement the strategy yourself without overpaying for external coordinators. Only on the realization of the strategy you save up to 75 000 euro. This is the minimal cost for a mid-level project manager in Germany.

6. No imposed services

Afraid of getting a 100 page report with zero practical value? Nexus Nobel Strategy is a practical step-by-step guide without information that is irrelevant to your needs. It is a personalized battle instruction that was thoroughly thought through by premium class expert practitioners. You have a clear understanding of what you’ll get as a result and of each step's practical value before signing the contract.

7. Making without breaking

To achieve an effective market entry, there is no need to drastically change the company structure. The Nobel Strategy uses the maximum of your experience and potential: finding out the strong points of your products and capabilities of your key personnel. For this, we use unique Nexus technologies that were built over 20 years of experience, special expertise, and ongoing learning to benefit you.

Who develops the strategy

The strategy development is carried out under personal control of Dr. Mamkina. She earned her PhD in Game theory and Master’s degree in Economics. The works of Dr. Mamkina were presented at conferences along with such peers of economics as Nobel laureates Dr. John Nash and Dr. Robert Aumann. 


In 2008 Dr. Mamkina moved to Germany and brought her international experience there. She was granted a German citizenship because of business. That is why she knows all the traps a foreigner will meet when entering the German market.

Dr. Mamkina gathered the team of German and European experts every one of whom is an ace in marketing, business law, psychology, Project Management and applied mathematics. Many of them possess doctorate degrees. Nexus staff regularly participates in significant networking events where ministers, Nobel price winners, senators and even presidents are frequent guests.

All projects are run by certified Project Management Professionals (PMP). Expertise in over 47 knowledge areas, large practical experience and strict compliance with the project management PMBOK® PMI standards guarantee efficiency and reliability to the clients. This is what distinguishes PMPs from regular project managers.

Important note:

Even the most successful strategies and ideas fail if the management of the company has a superficial approach. No one knows the specifics of your products better than you. No one can force you to become successful. The strategy will not be efficient without your participation in its development process. That’s why if you aren’t ready to work on it side by side with us, we are not the right company for you. We only put to the market those who are ready to work hard to become the leader in their niche.

Contact us today to get your business on the way to Europe. We estimate your specific situation and course of actions. You get an individual offer.

Email us: info@nexus-gmbh.biz


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