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Sales Promotion activities in Germany

Sales Promotion activities include advertising campaigns, product demonstrations, tastings, trade shows, free sample campaigns, telemarketing, door-to-door sales, seminars on related topics, direct mail campaigns and other activities. Sales Promotion activities in Germany are effective methods of promotion of products and services in German market. Sales Promotions are important not only for the entry of a new product to the market, but also for the stimulation of existing goods and services.

Nexus performs the whole complex of actions to prepare and conduct Sales Promotion activities in Germany:

  • Development of an overall concept of Sales Promotions
  • Coordination of promotional events with the administration of the venue
  • Development and production of all necessary promotional materials and equipment 
  • Casting and training of the staff
  • Organizing and controling the performance of the staff
  • Overall management of the project
  • Reporting and analyses of project effectiveness

Projects are run under supervision of certified Project Manager Professionals (PMP). The PMP is recognized around the world as signifying that Nexus staff has the highest level of competence, education and experience to lead and direct projects and project teams every step of the process from inception to successful conclusion. The qualifications and testing are rigorous, making PMP a widely respected certification. Government, commercial and other organizations employ PMP certified project managers to vastly improve the comprehensiveness and success rate of projects in all areas of knowledge by applying internationally recognized project management principles that certified PMPs have mastered.

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