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safe and reliable bridge to Germany

Germany for Indians

Solutions for Indian clients

There are a lot of talented specialists and entrepreneurs in India. Work with India is one of our company’s priority areas of focus. We assist foreigners with establishing their own successful businesses in Germany, connecting them with the German and the European business world. We regularly participate in round-table discussions, cooperate with business associations and government organizations to provide effective solutions for our clients from India.

Contact us to launch a successful business in Germany: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

Germany for Indians with Nexus-Europe GmbH

With us you get a ready-to-operate business and networking, as well as become a true part of the German business society. Germany for Indians opens itself from a new side and gives tremendous opportunities. Because of our cooperation with business associations and government structures, participation in exclusive events with senators, ministers and industry’s key players is a reality for Nexus clients.

If your business is beneficial to Germany, we can assist you with obtaining the German residence permit as a self-employed or through the EU Blue Card, making your German immigration from India possible.

The most in-demand business solutions for Indian customers:

  • Launch an IT company in Germany — from an outsourcing company to an IT engineering structure

  • Open a representative office of a trade company for all types of products: food, electronics, medical equipment, appliances

  • Production under private label ­­in Germany — a cost-effective solution to benefit from “made in Germany” label. Especially beneficial in the Corona and energy crises.

  • Open an e-commerce business in Germany — a fast growing and profitable solution during Covid.

We can open almost any business in Germany for Indian customers: from registering a company in Germany to opening an own manufacture for you. You get a working business in Germany. Ensured quality and performance. On time and at the specified cost. See how it works here

If you do not want to travel to Germany, in 90% cases there is a possibility to start a business even without your personal arrival in Germany. We plan, prepare and launch the projects on your behalf. You come when the business is ready to operate. We developed this solution when borders were closed due to Covid. However remote formation is very popular with our clients currently as well.

Here you can view some of our references from customers. High-level references are available on request.

How we are different:

  1. No abstract advice, but planning, development and implementation of the projects to open businesses in Germany for Indian entrepreneurs.

  2. Easy entrance to Germany for Indians — cooperation with government organisations and leading business associations.

  3. Strong team: business consultants, lawyers, tax advisers, strategists, project managers, subject matters experts.

  4. Strategical approach — our works are presented side by side with Nobel Prize winners. Support from Indian experts of high status.

  5. Exactness and transparency: projects run by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) according to PMBOK PMI® standards. 

What Indian customers should be aware of

Germany is a great country for life and business for Indian people. However we often come across differences in mindsets. That is why we prepared a short video where we summed up the main aspects indian entrepreneurs need to be aware of before starting to work with Germany. We strongly recommend that you watch it to effectively work with Germany and avoid misunderstandings. 

German PR for Indians (permanent residence) and German citizenship for Indians are also very popular requests that we get. If moving to Germany from India and staying permanently is your end goal, you need to plan the process correctly from the very beginning. This is what Nexus-Europe GmbH helps you with to make life in Germany for Indians possible.

Contact us to launch a successful business in Germany: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

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