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Risk and uncertainty are common factors to business and political planning and decision-making in every country and in every field of industry and service. The experts at Nexus are dedicated to removing some of that uncertainty through the specialized and scientific application of forecasting. When the State of California wanted to know how it could best utilize its agricultural resources to receive maximum benefit in the months and years to come, it turned to us. Whereas planning predicts what the future should look like, forecasting predicts what the future will look like. In business and in life, what could be more valuable?

Forecasting has applications in many situations:

  • Macro economic forecasting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Product forecasting
  • Political forecasting
  • Telecommunication forecasting
  • Transport planning and transport forecasting
  • Supply chain management

In addition to the standard methods listed below, the specialists at Nexus have developed original methods and models of forecasting that are used for performing short, medium and long term macroeconomic forecasting.

Standard methods which are used:

  • Time Series methods
  • Econometric methods
  • Judgmental methods
  • Artificial methods
  • Original methods developed by Nexus specialists.

Today's world moves at a speed like never before. To stay ahead of it businesses and governments worldwide must always be looking at the horizon ahead. Let us show you how experienced forecasting can help you do that. Why leave anything to chance?


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