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Mathematical Research

Nexus-Europe GmbH can focus the full range of Mathematica's capabilities into your specific needs in areas such as finance, statistics, control systems, and simulations.

Due to the fact that the Managing Director of Nexus GmbH, Dr. Mamkina, earned her PhD in Mathematics under the supervision of professor Levon Petrosjan, who is the head of the Mathematical faculty of St. Petersburg State University and renowned worldwide in the scientific world, we have close cooperation with the Faculty of Applied Mathematics of the finest university in Russia. St-Petersburg State University receives the highest ranking of the International Society of Dynamic Games.

Dr. Mamkina has also earned her Masters degree in Economics and Investment, and has participated in numerous leading international conferences along side people such as Dr. Robert Aumann (Nobel Prize winner), Dr. John Nash (Nobel Prize winner), and Dr. Petrosjan (considered to be one of the finest specialists in his field), allowing her to gather the best specialists in Statistics, Game Theory, Mathematical Modeling, and Mathematical Physics who will work on the projects of our customers.

We provide high quality services and consulting in mathematical modeling and applications.

  • Risk Analysis
  • Statistics and Probability Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Control Theory
  • Forecasting

We carry out consultancies for industrial and commercial clients, and for organizations in the public sector.

Our goal is to give you high quality research expertise at a competitive rate, and in a time-scale much shorter than a university. We will develop new projects and models corresponding to your specific requirements and circumstances, or analyze your own data which you provide to us.

A skilled, specially trained staff will work for you. All have earned their PhD or Senior Doctorate Diploma in applied Mathematics, Physics or Economics, and have real experience in the integration of models to active business, and are continually improving their skills through participation in the world's foremost conferences.

The combination of a strong academic background and actual business experience give us the tools to find the most efficient solutions and strategies to meet the needs of our customers corresponding to their budget, timing and preferences.

Our philosophy is to build long-term relationships by delivering quality work on schedule, for a reasonable price, and in language that you can understand.

We work with businesses on both a monthly-retainer and individual-project basis. So put the best brains to work for you and make your projects successful, without breaking the budget.

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