Стань лидером на европейском рынке
с Nexus-Europe GmbH

Organizing Conferences, Forums and Business events in Europe and Russia

Nexus-Europe GmbH organizes conferences, forums and other business events in Europe and Russia for the mutual benefit of government ministries, their constituents, and oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, agricultural, medical, environmental and other large market share players in the major industrial and manufacturing fields. 

In particular Nexus provides: 

  • Elaborate concept of the conference, seminar or forum.
  • Secure government participation, promotion and support.
  • Acquire conference space in hotels, business-centers or official venues.
  • Prepare the budget of the event
  • Interface with government officials and ministries
  • Direct address dispatch of invitations
  • Register the participants including registration payments
  • Design and produce different types of leaflets, posters, booklets, brochures, and other graphic productions
  • Accommodation and transfer the guests and speakers
  • Professional translation, interpreting
  • Organize banquets and lunches for participants

The regular stages of preparing the seminar or presentation on your behalf:

  • Determine goals and target audience
  • Determine seminar marketing plan
  • Secure government participation, promotion and support
  • Establish the schedule
  • Select the site
  • Interface with government officials and ministries
  • Arrange and check seminar logistics
  • Assist in preparation of program, preparation materials
  • Mailing (create invitation list, produce invitations, mail invitations)
  • Monitor incoming registration, conduct outbound telemarketing, reminder calls
  • Order refreshments, meals
  • Conduct the event
  • Post event follow up
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