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Skilled workers for Germany

Tailored Solutions for Companies and Government Agencies

Are you committed to strengthening Germany's skilled workforce and driving economic growth? We understand the challenges you face. Achieving targets for skilled workers while dealing with limited resources is demanding. We help you to overcome these challenges and achieve your KPIs.

Your 1-Stop Workforce Solution Provider  

Full Hiring Circle: Comprehensive end-to-end solutions, from identifying skilled candidates in India to facilitating residence permits, handling legal employment matters, and ensuring seamless integration into the German workforce.

KPI-Driven Results: Tailored services designed to meet your specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), delivering measurable, data-backed economic outcomes.

Our Offering in a Nutshell


Talent Identification: We leverage our extensive network in India to identify and engage top-tier candidates across industries, ensuring a robust talent pipeline.

Candidate Qualification Assurance: Our selection process evaluates candidates' educational qualifications and experience to ensure they meet or exceed job requirements. We conduct thorough reference checks, verifying their track record and work ethic.

Legal Employment Matters: We manage all legal employment matters, guaranteeing full compliance with German labor laws, minimizing risks, and ensuring a hassle-free hiring process.

Relocation Expertise: Our team handles every aspect of the relocation process, from securing residence permits to ensuring a smooth transition to Germany.

Integration for Retention and Productivity: Skilled workers who feel isolated or frustrated in a new environment can be costly to replace (approx. 25,000 euros per worker). Our integration services ensure seamless adaptation, boosting productivity and job satisfaction.

Why Cooperate with Nexus and Partners


  • Indian Government support: Benefit from the trust and support of the Indian government(s) at both central and state levels.

  • Networked Across India: Get best candidates, because of our affiliation with Indian with universities, association and HR agencies.

  • German-Indian Alliances: Make the most of our close relationships with German institutions with an India-related focus, including the German-Indian Roundtable (GIRT).

  • Measurable Impact: Achieve and exceed your reporting criteria by tapping into a reliable source of skilled Indian workers.

  • Efficiency Boost: Streamline processes and save valuable time for government agencies by relying on our meticulous preparation of all required documents, in full compliance with authorities' standards.

  • Tailored Solutions: Benefit from our experience and expertise in identifying, relocating, and integrating Indian professionals tailored to your region's specific needs.

Contact us for individual solution: info@nexus-gmbh.biz

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