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Doing Business in Russia

Despite a number of sanctions the Russian market is still one of the most attractive markets for foreign businessmen. The population of Russia is estimated at almost 150 million. The number of legal entities in Russia is over 5 million. The fear of failure of many foreign businessmen leaves wide possibilities for those who know how doing business in Russia works.

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With Nexus you get an optimal solution for doing business in Russia because:

1. Nexus’ experience and connections make your business in Russia unbeatable

Nexus possesses an outstanding team of specialists who work in Russia, Europe and the Americas. The knowledge of every specialist is constantly being improved and their experience and connections are always up to date. On a regular basis Nexus’ specialists participate in significant economic and networking events alongside Nobel laureates, senators, ministers and even presidents.

2. The unique Nexus Dominate technology based on 81 bodies of knowledge

You save up to 80% of your startup budget and speed up the time for entering the Russian market up to 1.7 times.


3. Quality control and compliance with international standards when doing business in Russia with Nexus

All projects are guided by certified Project Management Professionals. Nexus follows the international PMI PMBOK® standards on all project stages of doing business in Russia. Even small services like Interpreters in Moscow go through double quality control.

4. Risk minimization

Risks are foreseen by our certified Project Management Professional experts, even at the early stages of project planning. The project is constantly being overseen and the risks are being monitored in accordance with PMI PMBOK® standards. This makes doing business in Russia safe and comfortable for you.

5. We protect you from senseless investments when doing business in Russia

Why attend exhibitions that only bring you losses and disappointments? Why register a company in Russia if there is no demand for the particular product? Prior to executing the project we assess your situation to find the optimal solution. From only the planning stage our customers already save as much as 49% of their budget. 

6. Doing business in Russia at beneficial prices

In the 15+ years of operation we have developed smoothly running working schemes. All tasks are assigned at the planning stage. This makes our work efficient without downtime and wasting of resources. That is why our prices are affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises who are interested in doing business in Russia.

The most popular Nexus services for doing business in Russia are:

Take a look at the full range of our services for doing business in Russia and other European countries.

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