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Company Establishment in Russia

Whether you decide to open a representation office in Russia or make a new company it requires a professional approach from planning to fulfillment of the project. For foreign companies establishing their own company in Russia has many advantages. To name just a few:

  • Because of complicated Russian customs system about 90% of distributors in Russia prefer to buy products locally. Having your own company in Russia will allow you to sell products locally without forcing distributors and end customers to deal with customs procedures.
  • Distributors and end customers will be able to make contracts directly with your local company and have local post sales services.
  • You will have a Russian speaking staff which will be able to sell your products in the mother language of your customers.
  • Low labor costs compared to most European and American companies.
  • Low operational costs compared to most European and American companies.

Nexus and its Associates have many years of experience in helping foreign companies entering the Russian market and doing business in Russia. Nexus is guided by the international standards of the Project Management Institute - Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMI PMBOKĀ®), and the best Project Management experience adjusted to the specifics of local markets, environments and needs of the customers. The approach we adopt is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality, and above all, client satisfaction are realised.

Projects are run under supervision of certified Project Manager Professionals (PMP). The PMP is recognized around the world as signifying that Nexus staff has the highest level of competence, education and experience to lead and direct projects and project teams every step of the process from inception to successful conclusion. The qualifications and testing are rigorous, making PMP a widely respected certification. Government, commercial and other organizations employ PMP certified project managers to vastly improve the comprehensiveness and success rate of projects in all areas of knowledge, by applying internationally recognized project management principles that certified PMPs have mastered.

Nexus provides the following steps in entering the Russian market:

  • Marketing research
  • Strategy planning
  • Choosing legal form of the company
  • Selecting geographic location
  • Finding and obtaining office space
  • Registering the company in Russia
  • Finding and hiring staff and external service providers
  • Supervising your business in Russia.

Nexus Project Manager Professionals not only help you to open the company, but will supervise all the business after its opening in order to achieve efficiency and the best possible results within the time and budget.

Nexus considers each company to be unique with a unique set of specific goals and objectives. In accordance with these goals we form a team of extraordinary experts. All of them are unique specialists in their field and have many years of successful experience. As our client you are invited to work with us to design a package that meets your individual requirements. Our goal is to provide professional and helpful service and value at a reasonable rate.

Having a wide range of specialists on our team allows us to be the only contact point you will ever need.We are always open to discuss any of your ideas and suggestions.

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