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Market Research

Market Research provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, market size and competition, and is the key factor to getting the advantage over competitors. Nexus can accommodate all types of research assignments - Qualitative, Quantitative, Desk Research and Mystery Shopping to name just a few. We operate a multi-level quality control system that ensures that the final product is of the highest quality. Nexus systematically and objectively identifies, collects, analyzes, and reports information so that company executives can make informed decisions regarding identification, planning and action to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities in marketing.

Our list of the services:

  • B2B market research
  • New product or package development
  • Study of motivation to purchase a product
  • Customer Satisfaction Evaluation
  • Product positioning, search for a market niche
  • Price optimization, demand elasticity
  • Product or package testing
  • Advertising pre-testing
  • Advertising effectiveness research
  • Mystery shopping
  • International Market research

What sets Nexus apart from other companies is the uniqueness of its staff. They possess extremely high levels of education and practical experience in the fields of marketing, psychology, sociology, political science and scientific mathematics. These are the various and different fields that are all necessary and important tools in creating and implementing market research and analyzing the information obtained for clients in any type of business. We understand that thoughts and opinions can never be guaranteed, and have created steps to deal with unpredictable events. To be certain our quantitative data is accurate we analyze using a variety of statistics methods including comparison of average amounts, factor, regressing, cluster, conjoint and correlation analysis.

  • Desk Research
  • Qualitative Studies
    • Group Discussions / Focus Groups
    • In-depth Interviews
  • Quantitative Studies
    • Face-to-face Street Intercept
    • Face-to-face in-home
    • Hall tests
    • Telephone surveys

When it comes to Market Research we believe you will not find a better team of staff members to obtain and analyze the market information that your business relies on to be more successful today and in the future. Aim high..with Nexus.

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