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Dominate the European Market
with Nexus-Europe GmbH

All services you need to grow into the European, Russian and Global markets are found in one place

Initial consultation is always free of charge to you. We assess your specific situation and courses of action, then come to you with a proposal of how we can best proceed to make you a market player in these countries. 

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Among the services our clients require and receive from us are:

I. Exhibition ServicesEuropean MarketRussian MarketGlobal Market
Exhibition services
II. Business SolutionsEuropean MarketRussian MarketGlobal Market
Project management
Set up of new businesses or branches 
Market and industry analyses
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Certification, Approvals and Permits 
III. Sales and communication supportEuropean MarketRussian MarketGlobal Market
Establishing and extending distribution networks 
Consulting and assistance in
negotiating with Government officials
Sales promotional activities 
Commercials / Infomercials
IV. Organizing exhibitions, forums and trade missionsEuropean MarketRussian MarketGlobal Market
Organizing exhibitions, forums and trade missions
V. Research and PlanningEuropean MarketRussian MarketGlobal Market
Demographic and social testing
Economic and political forecasting
Statistics and probability analyses
Mathematical modeling
Risk analyses and management

I. Exhibition Services

Nexus provides both individual services and complete packages. The client chooses a package, selecting the services they need and skipping the inconvenience of ordering services separately from numerous outside sources. With more than a decade of experience in the exhibition industry, Nexus considers the wide range of shows available for the client’s industry group with a focus on meeting the client’s objectives. Because we are not influenced by personal interests, we recommend only the shows that best meet these objectives.

II. Business solutions

Nexus provides complete business solutions in the fields of marketing, sales and business development. Our main advantage over conventional consulting firms is our ability to also implement the solutions and findings that we develop and recommend. The combination of a strong academic background and actual business experience gives us the tools to find the most efficient solutions and strategies to meet the needs of our clients corresponding to their budget, timing and preferences.

III. Sales and communication support

Business climates differ greatly from country to country. The sales process involves many obstacles. Some are official, some are cultural, and some are derived from barriers of language. Expectations of government officials, distributors, business partners, and consumers are very precise. The Nexus staff is very familiar and experienced with the necessities of properly doing business in the EU and Russia.

IV. Organising Exhibitions, Forums, and Trade Missions

Organization of Industrial Conferences & Forums Nexus, with government contacts and support, organizes conferences, seminars and forums all over the world for oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, agricultural, medical, environmental and other major industrial and manufacturing fields.

V. Research and Planning

Nexus can focus the full range of Mathematica’s capabilities into the client’s specific needs in areas such as finance, economics, statistics, control systems, and simulations. We carry out projects for industrial and commercial clients, and for Government Ministries and organizations in public sectors. The Nexus-Europe staff regularly participates in numerous international statistical, economic and mathematical conferences alongside such notable peers as Nobel Prize winners, and are very well known in their fields of work.

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